Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio Review (2019) – What’s The Scoop?

A New Investing Strategy…? One That’s Laser Designed To Maximize Gains…? And, Naturally, Limit Risk…? Blah, Blah, Blah…! We’ve Heard It All Before, So Why On Earth Should We Be Risking Our Cash On The Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio…?

motley fool long short portfolio review… It’s the $64 million dollar question, wouldn’t you say…? Now, if we’ve looked at one research advisory, we’ve looked at a thousand. And with very few exceptions, they all have one thing in common. They suck…! So if you’re considering buying into the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio, then we recommend you proceed with caution. True caution…

But (and this is a big but)… The one saving grace for this one is that it’s from the mind of Tom Gardner. And this is a guy that we do have time for. So we decided that despite our grave misgivings, it was necessary to get down and dirty with this one. And you can rest assured that we didn’t leave a single stone unturned in our discovery efforts.

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We have to say, what we found out was mighty surprising. If you’re thinking that this might be a money making vehicle for you, then we suggest you read, read, read before you buy. Because your money’s hard fought for. So the last thing you need is to waste it on a product that’s gonna give a massive risk factor to losing it all…

What do you get for your money with Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio?

OK… So the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio is all about employing a portfolio strategy that can thrive during a volatile market. And yes – we’re certainly in such a market now, with the road ahead set to become even more rocky in the weeks, months, and possibly years to come.

The USP behind this advisory is that if you take a ‘long-short’ approach to investing, you could not only boost your year’s returns (no matter what direction the markets head), but also reduce your overall risk.

Expert investors (hedge fund managers, accredited investors, et al) are wise to the fact that portfolios made up of both long AND short positions are perfectly placed to provide the best and safest opportunities for big profits in choppy waters. And now, with the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio, you too can take full advantage of such an investing regime. And you can do so in as short a time as 30 minutes per month, simply by following the carefully described strategies.

So let’s take a look at what you receive if you sign up…

  • Full Access to The Long-Short Portfolio: The hard core of the product, you get VIP Charter Membership to all of the advice given that will tell you all you need to invest in this manner. You’ll receive regular advice from the in-house hedge fund research department, all of whom are dedicated to bringing you the most promising long-short market opportunities. The whole idea is to follow all of the trades recommended (although, of course, the choice is up to you) to build your personal low risk, high income portfolio.
  • Premium Access to the Team’s First Five Trade Alerts: Before anyone else in the Motley Fool community even gets a sniff of them.
  • Everlasting Portfolio: A further advisory service that’s backed with over $4.8 million of The Motley Fool’s own investment capital.
  • Motley Fool Moneymakers: A new stock research solution that’s designed to identify stocks that thrive in up, down, and sideways moving markets. It is laser targeted to help you identify the very stocks you need own to make your personal portfolio perfectly situated to weather even the choppiest of waters.
  • Lifetime Access to The Next Home Run Stocks: This is the part of the service that’ll help you build out some ‘higher risk, higher reward’ sector of your portfolio.

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Who is Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio for?

Want to have a genuine shot at building your personal wealth…? Fed up with worrying that you might lose out from market volatility and not sure what to do about it…? Don’t have the time to spend hours on your investing efforts, month in, month out…? Want to take advantage of the expertise of some of the most successful investors on the planet…? If you’ve answered yes to one of more of these questions, then the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio really could be your perfect partner in crime…

Who does the advice come from?

Well, we have to say that this really is a super star list. For instance, there’s the brains of Andy Cross, the CIO of Motley Fool. Portfolio manager, Tim Beyers (you might know him for the service, Motley Fool Supernova). And then there’s Senior Analyst, Abi Malin, Frank Thomas, Head of Quantitative Analysis, Alyce Lomax, Senior Analyst, Bill Mann, Portfolio Manager…. Phew – that’s quite a list, you’d have to agree.

The Pros and Cons of Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio

The Pros

  • Super simple to follow advice that eliminates 100% of the guesswork in following a long-short strategy
  • Specifically build as a wealth building solution that will also bring you in profits during wild market swings
  • Suitable for any level of investor – no matter how inexperienced you might be.
  • Expert advice on maintaining your ‘long’ exposure to high upside, rock solid stocks, such as Netflix, Appian, MasterCard, and Shopify – companies that also have a keen interest in careful bets against poorly positioned stocks that help smooth out your portfolios volatility.

The Cons

  • The amount of investors who can join the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio wealth building club is strictly limited. And the places are sure to be snapped up fast. So if you’re sure you want in, then move fast. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone…

The Bottom Line

motley fool long short portfolio money back guarantee

Well, we have to say that we were absolutely gobsmacked by the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio. Sure – it’s not cheap… Sure – it’ll be out of reach for some… But when it comes to providing you with very real advice on how to diversify your investing to ensure that no matter what the markets do, your riches not only remain safe, but actively thrive and increase…!

We particularly like how easy it is to follow the advice given. Plus the fact that the Intel comes from not one, but a multitude of experts. And hey – it really is like having your own hedge fund team working solely on your behalf. And it also comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well. In short, we’re surprised to be saying it, but the Motley Fool Long-Short Portfolio really does get the thumbs up from us…

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