Momentum Alert Review (2019) – Are Dark Trades For Real?

So All You Need To Make Real Money From The Stock Market Is Knowledge Of The Dark Trades That Are Occurring Day In, Day Out…! And Guess What…? All You Need Do In Order To Profit Is To Send These Guys Some Money…

momentum alert reviewWell… You’ll excuse us if we’re not falling over ourselves to do that… After all, if the headline hook for a product includes the words, ‘Collect $80,100 in a Matter of Days’, you’d have to be a very brave person to take that as the gospel truth. (We used the word ‘brave’ instead of foolish – out of respect, you know!). But you get our meaning.

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Because the very reason you’re reading this review about Momentum Alert means that you’re not blindly buying into these amazing claims. And neither did we. So of course, there was only one thing for us to do. And that was to get down and dirty with exactly what Momentum Alert actually is. You can rest assured that we left no stone unturned in our digging, and the following is an unbiased and honest Momentum Alert review of what we discovered.

And we’ve gotta warn you… Don’t spend a single cent on this product until you’ve digested every bit of what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Momentum Alert?

OK, so the USP behind Momentum Alert is something called Dark Trades. Now these aren’t as mysterious as they sound. But few people are aware of them – and definitely not regular folks like you and us. The thing is, these trades take place out of sight of regular trading (hence their name). But if you know about them (and understand them), then they’re a key performance indicator that the regular stock market price is about to go stratospheric.

And David Baumann, creator of Momentum Alert, has made it his mission to uncover the key to being able to cash in on this phenomenon.

Now, the Dark Market isn’t something underhand. Anything but… What it is, is a place to trade for firms that want to make massive purchases – purchases so large that if they bought them on the regular market it would drive up the stocks price. So financial regulations were put in place to allow the purchases to be made, but in this so-called ‘dark market. And if you can manage to get in on the action BEFORE the news hits the regular markets, then you stand to profit big…

So, if you sign up to Momentum Alert, this is what you receive:

  • The Monthly Momentum Alert Service: So this is the crux of the product, and consists of a direct email that will include one to two recommendations of stocks that’ve hit the radar thanks to dark market trading. You’ll receive everything you need to know about the company/s, their ticker, the research and proof behind the trade, how much you stand to gain, and more…
  • Progress Report Emails: These are regular updates that’ll give you all the latest information on the open trades.
  • The Momentum Alert Website: Your own personal username and password to the subscriber’s only site, where you can browse all of the research behind every trade recommended, and all the open and close alerts.

And yes – that’s it. Pure and simple. The compete service is one that’s not fluffed out with a whole load of BS ‘special reports’ and eBooks that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on (or the time it takes you to scan a PDF).

Momentum Alert is wholeheartedly an alert service that tells you exactly where to put your money, and when, for substantially big returns – and to get them fast…

Who is Momentum Alert for?

Right… Let’s say here and now that this isn’t going to be a product that’ll suit everyone. If you’re the slightest bit timid… If you like to keep your money where you can safely see small rises happening over the years (decades… centuries – yawn)… If you can’t ride the crest of a wave and accept that on occasion you might wipe out… Well, Momentum Alert is not for you. Turn away now…

BUT…! If you understand that fortune favors the bold… If you’re prepared to put your trust in two guys (more about them in a mo) who’ve proven time and time again that it really is possible to profit big, if you just know where to place your stake… And if you want – you CRAVE – life-changing returns for your trading efforts, then Momentum Alert really could be the product you’ve been searching for…

Who the heck is David Baumann?

david baumann momentum alertWell, David Baumann is, we have to say, one of the most talented guys out there today for spotting the next big thing in trading success. He’s the king of investigating all things financial, and has a network that honestly is second to none. We’re talking Rick Rule, John Henry, Mark Cuban, Rich DeVos… Basically, the crème de la crème of the financial world and the richest folks out there.

He’s the Chief Media Analyst of The Oxford Club, the company that’s behind Momentum Alert. And when it comes to putting together products that unleash the power of an amazing wave of profits, he really is second to none. But the product’s not just down to him, because the brain that is Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, also has a brilliant input into the Intel you receive as well.

The Pros and Cons of Momentum Alert

The Pros

  • A genuine chance to get in on trades that could truly bring you gains that are life changing.
  • Simplicity itself to follow the advice. All you need do is shadow trade the advice given, and give yourself a very high percentage chance of making some truly incredible gains.
  • You’re not bamboozled with a whole lot of useless information, as is the case with many other research advisories.
  • Comes with a six-month performance guarantee. So you could simply watch for a few months at absolutely no risk, without putting up a single penny of your own stake. And if you don’t see the results you expect, you simply email and get every single cent of your purchase price back.

The Cons

  • OK, so it’s not the cheapest advisory service there is. AND there’s only 200 subscriptions available. But hey – the kind of percentages in winning trades we’re looking at here will more than be gained back in a single trade.

The Bottom Line

OK… So we certainly weren’t expecting to come to the conclusion that we have done about Momentum Alert. Because, honestly…? Our initial thoughts were that it was a big fat scam…. But hey! Never let it be said that we’re afraid of admitting when we’re wrong. And in this case, wrong we were…

Yes, it’s not gonna suit everyone. And yes, the price tag will make it out of reach for others. But if you really want to be in with a chance of life changing profits from your trades, then Momentum Alert is one of the best such advisories to do so right now. So it absolutely gets a thumbs up from us. And for those who’re brave enough to give it a try….? Well. Don’t forget us when you hit your first million bucks…

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