7 Day Spikes Review (2019) – How’s Andrew Keene’s Service?

Does The World Really Have Room For Yet Another ‘Secret’ Research Advisory Service That’s Gonna Show You How To Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Profit – As Soon As Next Week…?

7 day spikes reviewWe don’t know about you, but we’re getting a little frustrated with what seems to be a weekly influx of ‘must have’ advisory services that are going to provide you with an insider secret that’s going to make you mucho cash – and fast! After all, the big boys on Wall Street aren’t going to share their easy money-earning methods with us for real now, are they…?

OK, so we’re naturally very cynical. BUT… We also are very (very!) careful not to ensure that a genuine opportunity might sneak past us. So when we came across 7 Day Spikes, a product that promises to share with us, ‘Wall Street’s Most Closely Guarded Secret’, then we have to admit our interest was piqued.

And no doubt yours is too, as you’re reading this review. So naturally we had to find out more. And the only way to do this was by jumping into bed with 7 Day Spikes, and digging out the truth behind the (outrageous!) promises. And although we say so ourselves, we found out some vereee interesting Intel indeed…

What do you get for your money with 7 Day Spikes?

So…. 7 Day Spikes is drawing us in with its promise of managing to take home a, ‘paycheck by Friday, every week, like clockwork’, thanks to the use of a little known code that can generate hundreds or thousands of dollars of profit per week.

And this is all down to showing you the fast track to making real profits. And the only way that this is really possible is to be ahead of all the big money and advice – and these really do happen on a weekly basis, according to Andrew Keene (the creator of 7 Day Spikes – we’ll talk more about him in a minute).

The thing is, these big money trades honestly do occur each and every week. But the key is the ability to actually be aware of them. And it’s this that is the USP behind 7 Day Spikes. It’s all about getting in there BEFORE they hit the headlines. Because once that happens, all the clever brains have already taken their profits and moved onto the next big thing. This research advisory is all about how you can take full advantage of this information (in a completely legal manner), and draw your own life changing amounts of money from it.

So let’s look at exactly what you get when you sign up:

    • The 7 Day Spikes Video Series: This is the Intel behind the whole service, and it’ll show you exactly how you can copy what Keene himself does to bring in big profits, each and every week. And it’s so simple, because all you need to do is copy and past trades directly from your email into your brokerage account. All the information you need to understand how the system works is included in these easy to understand videos.

  • Your Weekly 7 Day Spikes Recommendation: Each and every week you’ll get Andrew Keene’s personal recommendation. And all you need do is cut and paste to make the trade. And naturally, he’ll let you know the exact moment you need to sell to make the most cash.
  • Your Biweekly commentary & Market Research Update: So you’re never left behind on what’s happening in the fast moving financial world.
  • An Immediate Advisory Email: As soon as you sign up – and one that offers the potential to make as much as $11,940 in just the next few days!
  • Urgent Profit Taking Alerts: By email (or text, or both) at the very moment you need to sell – and for what potential gain.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Because you’re bound to have questions… So you can either call and speak to a real person (9am-5pm Eastern time), or email at any time of the day or night for a fast and personal response.

Who is 7 Day Spikes for?

OK, so 7 Day Spikes is NOT going to be suitable for everyone. In fact, if you’re the kind of person who likes to only invest in the companies that are paying out regular dividends, and perhaps increasing your wealth by a few percent per year, then let’s be very straight – DON’T buy into 7 Day Spikes…

But if you’re the kind of person who understands that you need to take a slightly higher (but still acceptable) risk to make life changing profits… If you’re the kind of person who understands that it’s necessary to follow the advice of those who do this for a living… If you want to be in with the chance of the big time, yet still realize that it’s necessary to lower the risk as much as is humanly possible… Well, you and 7 Day Spikes could well be a match made in heaven…

Who the heck is Andrew Keene?

andrew keene 7 day spikesAndrew Keene is the brains behind 7 Day Spikes. And we have to say, he is somewhat of a big gun when it comes to making trading profits. He’s the president and CEO of Alpha Shark Trading. But before that he cut his teeth trading on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. And wow! Was the guy successful. He ruthlessly pursued and brought in profits that gave him his nickname, The Alpha Shark.

And yes, you may well have heard of him, seeing as he’s often featured on channels such as Bloomberg, BNN, CNBC, Fox Business, and more… But the key thing to know about Keene is that he makes money – big, BIG money, trading in the spikes that this whole advisory service is promoting. If you need proof that his methods work, then you only need look at how he personally turned a mere $50K into over $5 million bucks, in little less than 3 years. And that’s pretty impressive stuff – even we have to admit that…

The Pros and Cons of 7 Day Spikes

The Pros

  • Simple to use – you honestly only need to copy and past trades. AND you can test the whole system out without rising a single red cent…!
  • Uses a very simplistic system that never, ever lets you limit your profits by cashing out before exactly the right point in time.
  • Suitable for everyone – you can start with a stake of as little as $100 bucks.
  • This is a genuine opportunity to have a very real chance of drawing profits of around half a million bucks per year. And that’s not a one off – we’re talking year in, year out (and not including the extra opportunities of making very, very much more than that…)

The Cons

  • Well, there’s only a limited amount of places on 7 Day Spikes. 500, to be exact. And these are getting snapped up fast. So if this is the advisory for you, then you’d best move fast to ensure that you get one of the much sought after places.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? We see so many of these advisory services that we get a little weary of them. But actually, 7 Day Spikes certainly did make us sit up and take notice – because it honestly is different from most of them out there. We love the fact that it’s so very simple to follow, and really will take up only minutes of your time per week.

We also love that it’s accessible to all – not just those who’ve got a massive stake to get started with. And if you’re looking to genuinely grow your net worth (whatever state you’re in right now), then the profits you’ll reap with 7 Day Spikes can honestly be life changing. In short, we love it. And if you buy in, we’re damn sure you will too…