American Moonshots Portfolio Review – Is Austin Root Legit?

A Trading Advisory Like No Other…! One That’s Never Been Seen Before…! One That Can Provide You With Generational Wealth…! And Of Course,Completely Different From Anything Else On The Market Today…! Well, They Would Say That, Wouldn’t They…

american moonshots portfolio reviewBecause the brains behind American Moonshots want you to send them your hard earned cash. But is it worth it, that’s the burning 64 million dollar question…? But portfolio manager, Austin Root, wants to introduce you to stock plays that, right now, have virtually no traction on Wall Street, but have all the right assets to increase ten-fold or even a hundred-fold over the coming years.

Sounds good, huh? Where do I sign…? Well, hold your horses one cotton pickin’ minute. Because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So we decided the only thing to do was get down and dirty with exactly what American Moonshots Portfolio really is.

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Below is what we found out. And we strongly recommend you read it BEFORE you send these guys a damn red cent. Forewarned is forearmed, and all that… In other words, it’s a true case of buyer beware…

What do you get for your money with American Moonshots Portfolio?

So, American Moonshots Portfolio is an advisory research service that specializes in companies that most people aren’t even aware exist. They’ve yet to spark main Wall Street interest, and are known as microcap stocks. But what makes them so very interesting is that when you get in on such a grass roots company, when it starts its meteoric rise, you stand to make life changing amounts of profits.

The service is run by Austin Root (more about him in a mo), and is designed for those interested in making serious money from long term investing.

The service breaks down like this:

  • American Moonshots Portfolio: This is the complete current portfolio, with all the deep dive research you need into each company.
  • American Moonshots Portfolio Special Reports: This is where you get the complete breakdown on every stock in the portfolio. Find out the current buy up to prices for each company, and exactly why it’s hit the radar of Austin Root as a potential superstar.
  • Individual Stock, Thesis, Allocation, and Guidance: Here you get to discover everything you need to know about each individual stock. All the numbers are stacked up here, the reasons why it’s a solid bet, risk management, where this company could take you over the future months and years… And loads more, but you get the gist.
  • American Moonshots Portfolio Quarterly Updates: Here you get the lowdown on the complete portfolio, plus any additional advice and guidance that Austin has uncovered.

And, naturally, should there be any sudden news that you need to be aware of, then you’ll get immediate alerts to your email or by SMS if you choose.

Who is American Moonshots Portfolio for?

American Moonshots is the perfect product for those who’re looking to build long term wealth. We’re talking long term investing here, putting your money into  companies that most investors have no idea even exist. And the reason for that is that they haven’t yet started their massive leap to superstar status.

If you’re looking to build your wealth in a steady, ‘invest and forget’ manner, then American Moonshots is for you. And the great thing is that you don’t have worry about when to take action on any part of your portfolio, because you’ll receive alerts when you need to do so. So there’s never any fear that you’ll miss out on taking the profits that are rightfully yours.

Who the heck is Austin Root?

austin root american moonshots portfolioWell, if you want to get insider information on where you should invest your money, then you want it from one of the best. And Root certainly hits the spot in this respect. After gaining an MBA and BS business and commerce degrees, his career started in Investment Banking. From then he went on to co-found and run a New York based hedge fund, held senior positions at some top level companies, before becoming a partner and portfolio manager at D.F Dent & Co in Baltimore.

For years he’s concentrated on high quality, high growth companies and has an uncanny success rate in selecting the very highest upside microcap stocks that provide their investors with exponential growth.

The Pros and Cons of American Moonshots Portfolio

The Pros

  • Provides you with insider advice on fledgling companies with all the signs that they’re going to grow exponentially over the coming months and/or years.
  • The opportunity to get a foot in the door with shares in companies that are at the beginning of their ride. Imagine having been able to invest in Amazon, Apple, or Facebook before the stratospheric rises became reality?
  • Provides you with all the in-depth research on each and every stock play, meaning you can make informed investing choices.
  • A method to get personal advice from a true trading expert who would otherwise only be advising those with multi-million dollar funds.

The Cons

  • So, American Moonshots Portfolio isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. But actually, you stand to make far, far more in profits than the initial cost of the service. But for some, the high price tag might be unrealistic, or make you just a little bit twitchy to dig that deep in order to purchase.

The Bottom Line

Wow…! We have to say, there’s whole lot of advisories out there that promise to give you similar advice, but we’ve never come across one that’s as good as American Moonshots Portfolio. This is a no bull service that doesn’t try and blind you with a whole lot of useless ‘extras’. It simply provides you with the important  Intel necessary to build your long term investment portfolio, packing it with the companies that really do give the opportunity for life changing profits.

If your aim is to seriously invest for the long game, and you want the opportunity to put your funds into some true potential superstars, then American Moonshots Portfolio gives information that most investors will never hear about until it’s too late. We love it, and will happily give this little baby a 5 star recommendation. it’s certainly going to make some people very rich in the future, that we guarantee…

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