Alpha-9 Trader Review – How’s Tom Gentile’s Service?

A Super Computer, AI Algorithm That Can Turn You Into A Trader Extraordinaire…? Generating You Trading Opportunities Every Single Day Of The Week…? At ‘Double Your Money’ Kind Of Levels…? Wow – Now This We’ve Gotta See…!

alpha 9 trader reviewIt seems that not a week goes by without some uber-trader coming out with a product to try and tempt you into buying. And we have to say, some of them are extremely questionable as to whether they can offer anything at all…

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So when we came across Alpha-9 Trader, a product that promises to bring you daily double your money trades, each and every weekday, then let’s just say that we were somewhat cynical… But never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product before giving us the chance to impress us (or otherwise). So of course that meant we had to get down and dirty with exactly what Alpha-9 Trader really was.

Below is what we discovered. And although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for some rather interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Alpha-9 Trader?

OK, so Alpha-9 Trader is a research advisory service that utilizes a proprietary AI algorithm to bring you daily double-your-money trade recommendations. It spots hidden trading patterns that are invisible to the human eye, but more importantly, are also invisible to every computerised trading platform – even those on Wall Street.

If you’re interested in the tech bit, then you’ll be fascinated to learn that Alpha-9 conducts 15.8 billion calculations per second, scanning every S&P 500 stock every moment the markets are open. It strikes with an unerring 90% accuracy, no matter which direction the markets are going… Wow…!

When you buy in, you get the following:

  • The Alpha-9 Trader Daily Double Your Money Trade: Direct to your phone, computer, or both, you’ll get the name of the stock that the system has identified as your daily trade. You’ll receive this without fail, Monday through Friday, as well as a detailed set of instructions as to how to make the play.
  • The Alpha-9 Sell Alerts: The team consistently monitors the open trades, and you’ll receive an alert at the exact time you need to cash out and take your money.
  • The Alpha-9 Trader War Room: Enjoy weekly live trading sessions where you get an over-the-shoulder view of Tom Gentile’s personal trading.
  • The Alpha-9 Trader Network: 24/67 access to network with other Alpha-9 Traders. Learn their stories, share yours, brain storm… It’s all about networking and knowledge.
  • The Alpha-9 Trader Hotline: Get help whenever you need it, direct from Tom Gentile and his expert team.
  • The Alpha-9 Trader Video Training Series: Learn from the best in Gentile’s personal training videos. Perfect from the complete rookie right through to millionaire making status…!
  • The Alpha-9 Trader’s Bible: Jam packed full of hard hitting secrets, trading tactics, and amazing techniques.
  • The Alpha-9 Trader Summits: An annual live event to get together with other Alpha-9 traders, learn, meet, and soak up the atmosphere with other like minded people.

Who is Alpha-9 Trader for?

Want to truly make money from your trades…? Fed up with only a few measly dollars trickling in from your efforts…? Had enough of pouring over charts, spending too much time at the computer, or losing money…? Then Alpha-9 Trader could be the exact product you need to change your fortunes.

It’s as suitable for the novice as it is for the more experienced trader, thanks to the comprehensive training that’s also included. It’s also a great system for those who’re time short, because it takes away most of the research time that you ever need to carry out. Let the AI take the strain, because in all seriousness, it’ll do it better than any human can anyway…

Who the heck is Tom Gentile?

tom gentile alpha 9 traderWell, Gentile doesn’t really need any introduction, being as he’s known as America’s Number 1 Pattern Trader. He really is a master in the development of rules based trading strategies. And with nearly three decades of experience, the guy certainly is a force to be reckoned with. He’s invested countless millions of  bucks into developing his investment tools. And we have to say, the Alpha-9 Trader is the best one yet…!  His other top programs include Money Calendar Pro, Weekly Money CallFast Fortune Club and many others.

The Pros and Cons of Alpha-9 Trader

The Pros

  • Using the Alpha-9 Trader system you can expect to see your profits rolling in fast. Literally within the first few days….
  • Does away with the hours usually spent to discover a possible high pay-out trade.
  • Far more accurate and far more efficient than any human brain, the Alpha-9 Trader system can scan billions of data points to massively increase the odds of trading a winner.
  • Brings you daily plays that all offer a minimum of a fast method to double your money.

The Cons

  • Well, there’s only a finite number of places available to join the Alpha-9 Trader network. And they’re selling out fast – literally as we speak. So if you want in, then you’ll need to move quickly to secure your place.

The Bottom Line

D’you know… We thought we were going to hate Alpha-9 Trader – we honestly did… But there’s nothing to dislike about it whatsoever. Because, in a nutshell, Alpha-9 Trader ROCKS…! If you’re ready to embrace the technology that’s on offer today… If you’re ready to start making money ON A DAILY BASIS… If you’re ready to up the ante, then Alpha-9 Trader really could be your perfect trading partner.

In short – it works…! There’s a reason Tom Gentile’s trading tools are so sought after. And that’s because they really do bring profits to their users. And Alpha-9 Trader is no exception. Awesome – that’s all we have to say. Awesome…

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