Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy Review – Is This Good?

A ‘Secret’ Tool Developed By The Government That Can Now Be Used By Those In The Know To Get Ahead Of Big Market Moves…? All Thanks To Tipping You Off About Surprising Political And Economic Events…? This Has Just Gotta Be An Advertising Angle, Hasn’t It…?

jim rickards’ project prophesy reviewWe have to say, with so many research advisories on the market today, marketers are having to truly scrape the barrel to come up with unique angles to draw you in… And Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy certainly takes this to another level…

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With its, ‘don’t tell anyone’, ‘shhh’, ‘top secret – classified’ words of warning can this truly be a product that’s worth anything whatsoever…? We’re pretty doubtful, that’s for sure… However, the saving grace of Project Prophesy is that it’s from a guy we’ve got a lot of time for – Jim Rickard. And because of this we decided that we simply HAD to find out more. Cue an in-depth journey into exactly what you can expect if you decide to sign up to his program…

We have to say, what we found out certainly caught us by surprise. And we bet it will you too. So don’t spend a single cent until you take a couple of minutes to read our findings… Because the last thing you need is to waste your cash on a product that really won’t suit your needs…

What do you get for your money with Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy?

OK, so in a nutshell, Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy is a research advisory service that professes to use a unique tool that can predict major events that will affect the stock market.

Now, there’s a load of bumph in the advertising about this ‘tool’. But all we need to know is that it’s a way of being able to put your money in certain stocks that have shown (via the tool) that they are likely to sky rocket in the very near future. And by that we mean in the next few days or weeks. But even better than this, it also uses AI (artificial intelligence) to further add more processing power.

The end result is a tool that can really give users a viable method to massively stack the odds in their favor to make regular, large, profits in their trading.

When you sign up, you receive the following:

  • The Project Prophesy X-Files: This handbook explains everything you need to know about the unique tool that is the basis of Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy. Discover why it’s so safe (and can reduce your risk exposure by up to 25%), how to make trades within your IRA, and how to try every single trade recommendation without risking a penny of your own capital on investing.
  • A 6-Part Video Series: This makes the whole system crystal clear, whatever level of trader you are. You can get started with a mere $100 bucks, and, most importantly, discover how you can make money regardless of what the markets are doing. And yes, that even includes if there’s a crash!
  • The Bi-Weekly Project Prophesy Newsletter: Every other Tuesday, direct to your inbox, you’ll get a brand new recommendation, along with all the research and analysis, and everything you need to do to make your huge potential profit (in less than two weeks!).
  • A Phone Call: From Rickards every time the system triggers a ‘buy’ opportunity. This means you’ll never, ever miss a chance to make thousands of bucks in a matter of days…
  • The Prophesy system App; A revolutionary app where you can get all the notifications right on your cell phone!
  • Regular Model Portfolio Updates: These are released anytime anything important happens, so you know what to do with any open trades.
  • Urgent Profit Taking Emails: Any time you need to take your profits you’ll get an urgent email that tells you exactly what to sell, and for how much!

Who is Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy for?

Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy is truly an advisory for any level of trader. And yes, this means even if you’ve never traded a single stock in your life before. The educational portion of the product will walk you through everything you need to know, so you’re never on your own.

This is the ideal advisory for those who don’t want to spend hours each week on their trades. And it’s just as good for those with a huge stake to invest as it is for those who simply want to start small. You can get going with as little as $100…!

Who the heck is Jim Rickard?

jim rickards project prophesyIf you’ve not yet heard of Jim then we’d hazard a guess that you’re new at the investing game. Because this guy is royalty in his field. He’s a lawyer, speculator, media expert, and top selling author on all things to do with finance and investing. Some of his most famous books and programs are The Big Drop, The Road To Ruin, Jim Rickard’s Crypto Profits plus many more.  In short, this American economist is one of the country’s leading names for all to do with investing. And if you need any more convincing, then the fact that the White House also take his advice shows quite how amazing this guy is!

The Pros and Cons of Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy

The Pros

  • Brings in quick profits – no need to tie your money up for weeks, months, or years on end.
  • You don’t need a massive stake to get started.
  • Contains all the information you need to get started, making it suitable for traders of all levels.
  • Has a massive profit potential, whilst keeping the risk level as low as possible.

The Consprofit guarantee jim rickards’ project prophesy

  • There are only 1,000 places available on Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you want in, then you need to move quickly as they’re being snapped up fast…!

The Bottom Line

Wow…! We have to admit that we’re impressed. Rickards has, despite the dreadful advertising angle, managed to bring us a genuinely great advisory service that really could change your trading fortunes. There’s a reason he has such a big following (over a million readers of his newsletters at current count), and that’s because Rickards knows his stuff.

Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy will bring riches to those lucky few who manage to gain a place on this advisory. And we have no hesitation in recommending it. Because this one really is a winner. Awesome, Jim. Simply awesome…

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