The Road To Ruin Book Review – Is James Rickards Book The Real Deal?

Shock Horror!  There’s Yet Another ‘Secret’ Government Plan That’ll See Any Money You Have In A US Bank Be At High Risk – Because, Guess What…?  There’s A Financial Crash On The Way…  Hmmm, Excuse Us If We’re A Little Bored Of The Scaremongers Out There…!

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting little fed up with all the doom and gloom that’s being spouted from all the ‘financial experts’ out there who, naturally, want to advise you what to do with your money (all for just a ‘small’ fee, of course…).

So when we came across Jim Rickard’s latest offering – The Road To Ruin – we heaved a heavy, heavy sigh that such an eminent name was also jumping on the ‘shock factor’ bandwagon.

the road to ruin reviewBut, we have to say that James (Jim) Rickards certainly isn’t your usual fly-by-night muppet who simply want to tap your for your hard earned cash.  So for this very reason we decided that it was absolutely our duty to delve into exactly what the guy has to say.

Below is what we discovered.  And if you’re thinking of signing up, the couple of minutes spent reading it will certainly be time well spent…

What do you get for your money with The Road To Ruin?

So, what The Road To Ruin Book is, is Jim Rickard’s latest book that provides you with – in his words – the terrifying plan that policy makers and influencers have for your money when the next financial crisis hits.  The policy – known as Ice-Nine – that will give them total and absolute control over YOUR money.  That all of your US dollars in accounts (from your savings account, your brokerage account, your retirement account, your money market account, safety deposit box, bank owned vault) will be frozen.

You’ll discover the absolute proof about Ice-Nine, and what it means for your money.  But even more importantly, why we’re currently in a super-dangerous situation as a country that makes such a policy necessary.  In other words, the no-bull reasons why we’re ripe for one of the biggest financial crashes in recent history – way worse than the 2008 downfall…

When you sign up you’ll receive the following:

  • The Road To Ruin Book Book: That explains to you exactly why we’re on the brink of a massive financial collapse, and why the country is in a far worse state than it’s ever been to cope with it.  Rickards is the Government’s trusted financial threat advisor, and he says that The Treasure and The Federal Reserve are tapped out and have used up all their options.  The only way they might be able to claw their way out of a financial drop is to utilize the money of its 300 million US citizens – like you!
  • A Roadmap to Survive the Road to Ruin: This is a special bonus chapter that’ll show you exactly how to navigate one of the most severe bear markets in history that’s imminently upon us.
  • Dates for your Calendar: Rickard’s personal advice on the most important dates you need to know for your upcoming financial future.  Discover the latest developments (overseen by President Trump) that you MUST be aware of to prepare for any upcoming crisis.
  • Special Report – The Perfect Gold Portfolio: And why every single American puts at least 10% of their investable assets into gold and silver – and how to do it!
  • Special Report – Tap the Hidden ‘DV01 Strategy’ for Double Digit Gains: A simple investment that offers an incredible opportunity for investors in the coming crisis.
  • Special Report – The Government’s Secret ‘SIFI Investor’s Insurance Program’: A little known government program (that’s brand new), that can protect your money and even triple it when it’s triggered and paid out.
  • 30 Days Free Access to Strategic Intelligence: Rickard’s monthly newsletter read by over 150,000 people that provides the most cutting edge, actionable financial research published anywhere around the world.

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Who the heck is Jim Rickards?

jim rickardsOK, so we have to admit that Rickard’s knows his stuff. Not only is he the author of New York Times best-sellers, Currency Wars and The Death Of Money, the creator of the massively successful, The New Case For Gold, a high profile figure on financial TV, print, and online media outlets, but he’s also the go-to guy for the top agencies in our country.

Yes, he advises the Pentagon, CIA, and National Intelligence on all aspects financial, and this brings him into direct contact with the top echelons of the US power structure, and their most closely guarded information…

Who is The Road To Ruin Book for?

Well, if you have a single dollar to your name in any type of US bank account (this includes a stock brokerage account or 401(k), then you need the information within the pages of The Road To Ruin Book.  Also, if you have any payments directly deposited into your bank account – you know, your paycheck, pension, or social security checks – or anything else, for that matter, then you’d be a fool to ignore the warnings in the book.

The Pros and Cons of The Road To Ruin

The Pros

  • The Road To Ruin Book will provide you with all the tools you need to safeguard your wealth against an imminent catastrophic collapse, as well as exactly where and how to invest to actually profit from such a disaster.
  • When you purchase The Road To Ruin Book directly, you get a whole load of bonuses that you won’t receive should you buy the book from another source, such as Amazon.
  • Much as the advertising blurb might appear, this isn’t a ‘doom and gloom’ product. It’s actually a balanced, extremely well-researched, valuable insight into the real US economy – and how it will affect you and your wealth.
  • The Road To Ruin and the other products included are a way to get truly expert financial advice from the inside, without having to pay extortionate fees.

The Cons

  • So, the biggest ‘con’ is that you need to be aware that getting The Road To Ruin Book also involves you signing up for a monthly, paid for subscription – Strategic Intelligence. Now actually, this isn’t really a ‘bad’ thing – after all, hundreds of thousands of folk around the world pay for it.  But you must be aware that if you don’t want it, you do need to cancel within the first 30 days.  However, many of the most savvy US citizens take the advice of Jim Rickards in through this monthly newsletter to a) increase their wealth in ways they wouldn’t know about otherwise and b) safeguard their money and assets, thanks to his unique insider advantage.

The Bottom Line

the road to ruin guaranteeWe have to say, The Road To Ruin Book is probably something every single American citizen should read.  But of course, they won’t.  Most because they don’t know about it, and others because they’re massively cynical about what’s within its pages.

Of course, which category you fall in is totally up to you.  But we think it’s important for us to tell you that the words of wisdom it provides is pretty damn invaluable.  If you truly want your wealth to be secure, and you’d like to see it grow, then we really recommend you read The Road To Ruin Book and all that comes along with it.  Being prepared is exactly what you need to do to ensure your financial security.  And this book is a huge step in that preparation…

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