Black Optics Review (2019) – How’s Kyle Dennis’ Trading Program?

Kyle Dennis a stock trader and trainer who at 28 years old has turned $15K into $5.3M, opens up about Wall Street noise and how his Black Optics will help you find clarity among the chaos.

He has made $1,000,000+ trading the last 3-months (as the market crashed).

They are expecting this to be the biggest event we’ve ever had at RagingBull.

Black Optics Pre Interview with Kyle Dennis

What is included with Black Optics?

With Black Optics, Kyle has decided to include all his programs in one!

Which include:

  • Option Rocket
  • The Nucleus
  • FDA Insider Alerts
  • The Sniper Report

In this, his options trading program (Option Rocket, which always sells for at least $1500/yr) absolutely free when you purchase his flagship Nucleus program for the full year.

Now, I’ve only seen Nucleus available for $4000/yr in the past, but on 12/14/2018 he offered it for $2999 — and that included Option Rocket!

He said the offer was only good for 12/14/2018, but if you try today and it still works, I would highly encourage you to take advantage of that deal.

There has never been a better deal on his service, and there never will be again. So get it, if you still can.

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Who is Black Optics for?

Are you a trader looking to explode your trading account?  Do you think the stock market is too complex to make money from?  Well Kyle Dennis has come up with the Black Optics program to help you out.  It’s  the single most effective way to become more focused, speed up your performance and 10X your trading account  – fast!  You don’t need previous trading experience, although it will help to have a trading account.

Of course with any trading program, not only will you need money to purchase the course, but you will need additional capital to trade with.

Who Is Kyle Dennis of Black Optics?

kyle dennis black optics

Kyle Dennis is a young self-motivated biotech trader who has created and generated a lot of money through trading stocks. He grew up in Los Angeles, California. His childhood dream was to become a professional doctor. He acquired a degree in Biology from UCLA. This ascertains that he had a background in biotechnology. Equally important is that he also loves teaching other individuals his methods of stock trading. His techniques are very simple to understand.

As a specialist in biotech, finance, and marketing, Kyle Dennis basically searches for companies that intend to have upcoming catalyst events. Such activities are not limited to either drug trial data announcements or even earnings updates. Other times, he also trades organizations that have FDA approval dates approaching. The trick that Kyle Dennis uses to accomplish his goals involves selling his stocks to companies before the real catalyst. He normally makes good use of the increase in price that usually occurs in anticipation of that particular event. He has realized that the event in itself is not only too risky but also to risk holding his stock through during the actual event.

Accomplishments of Kyle Dennis

In 2012. Kyle made a key step in investing in trading stocks. He decided to open a trading account with $1000. He wanted to achieve his dream of financial independence after many years of struggle. In the beginning, it was not a walk in the park, he faced more challenges and experienced unexpected loss when he first purchased Neurogesx. The stock lost most of its value. As a result of this loss, he noticed he required more time and guidance to conduct thorough research in companies.

Being an active member of JBP quarterly newsletter, he got an invitation to become a member of Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap. This was a mentorship program aimed to educate trading stocks traders on how to gain and generate maximum profits from their sells.

Kyle Dennis made a decision to invest in Jason’s Millionaire Roadmap program. This was the turning point in his life. In February 2015, he had $50,602 in his trading account and decided to join this program in June the same year. Interestingly, just after one month, his trading account generated an additional $28,000.By the end of 2015, his account had accumulated $849,513 maximum profits. Just imagine an account generating an extra $850K in six months. By the beginning of early 2016, his trading account had generated a maximum of $1,075,696 in profits. The strategies, methods, and techniques he continuously obtained from this mentorship program, Kyle Dennis at the age of 25 years old, became a self-made millionaire in trading stocks on digital platforms(online).

Why you should trust Kyle Dennis

As a young and motivated person, he first developed passion in trading stocks. Did casual jobs but realized that he was not able to realize his dream of becoming a millionaire. He decided to subscribe to the free newsletter as he attempts to teach himself how to trade stocks. He made extra effort to approach stock mentor(Jason Bond).

Kyle showed commitment and even joined his mentorship program to acquire more skills and lessons on technical chart patterns. He made a decision to also invest in the program and later on became a successful trader in trading stocks. He learned methods of succeeding in business systematically, without rush.

He is now one of the top coaches at Raging Bull.  His other highly successful programs include Biotech Breakouts – The Nucleus, The Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts and Option Rocket.  There is no doubt that Black Optics will be his newest big winner.

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Results of Kyle Dennis Students and soon to be Black Optics Members

“My 5k account is now $37,653.00. My larger account has gone up 68%”
– Michael C.

“I started this service and had $4500.00 in my trade account. Value now about. 8 months, 27k.”
– Mark M.

“Wanted to thank Kyle, up 200% on one of my accounts in just 2 weeks”
– Dylan T.

“Kyle, my 5k account almost 14K in two weeks. Thanks”
– Dawod N.

“Kyle just wanna let you know this is by far my best month ever +8083 or $10,507 CAD, can’t find the words to describe how much i appreciate your service, Thank you so much”
– Adriano S.

“Wishing Kyle a successful week. Present numbers are + $72,054, or 288.29%. Just $2,946 to go to reach $100,000.00!”
– Keith E