Tom Gentile Trading Club Review (2019) – How Is It?

$818,778 Profit Over A 2 Year Period…! Now That’s A Very Precise Amount… But Apparently, This Is THE Research Advisory For Anyone Who’s Worried (Or Already Realizing) That Their Pension Pot Simply Won’t Fund The Retirement They’ve Always Thought They’d Have…

tom gentile trading club review… Hmmm. We have to say, we’ve researched many a-retirement plan trading advisory, and very rarely do they score more than an ‘average’ on our radar. So when we came across the Tom Gentile Trading Club, that not only promises to make you dramatically richer, but is providing very precise amounts that you can expect to gain…

…Wow! Did that make our cynical siren start wailing…

But hey! We can’t tell you a service is a waste of money unless we’ve proved it for ourselves. And the only way this was going to happen was to get truly down and dirty with what was on offer. So we did…

Believe us when we say we left no stone unturned. And below is exactly what we discovered. Don’t send this clever marketer a single red cent of your cash until you take a couple of minutes to read what we found out. Because it could be the shrewdest move you’ve ever made when it comes to protecting your hard earned assets…

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What do you get for your money with Tom Gentile Trading Club?

OK, so there’s a whole lot of advertising and talk when it comes to the Tom Gentile Trading Club. But actually, you don’t need to read all of that (it’s intended to bamboozle and take you on a cleverly crafted journey). So we’ve pushed all that salesy rubbish to one side and condensed what you actually receive into an easily digested synopsis. And it breaks down like this…

  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Crash Course Video Series: This is where you learn all about trading. And more importantly, trading the Tom Gentile way. Thanks to this 7-part video series you can easily get your head around everything you need to know about trading stocks, ETFs, options, and more. Discover all the lingo, how to set up an account, and – most importantly – your personal action plan to make you a multi-millionaire.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Pay Day Calendar: This is the crux of the product. It’s a carefully crafted computer program that Gentile has spent decades creating. And it’s been designed using over 10 years’ worth of data that can cleverly predict that almost unseen patterns that repeat, year in – year out. And because of this, it’s truly possible to create an actual diary of days that, if you make the correct trades, you can bring in profits that can be predicted down to the last dollar. We’re talking trades worth hundreds or thousands of bucks, as regular as clockwork, on the very day you’re expecting them.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Text Message Notifications: So you keep your finger directly on the pulse with exactly what’s happening each and every trading day. If you fancy jumping in on the advice, you can do it direct from the text message on your cell.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Monthly Pay Day Appointments: Every month your calendar will be filled up with these low risk, high pay out trades to execute.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Progress Reports: Regular weekly updates on how all the recommendations are doing.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Podcast: Each and every Friday you get to listen to Gentile’s words of wisdom to get you set up for the following week.
  • The Tom Gentile Trading Club Roundtable: A monthly online discussion where you can ask real time questions.
  • The Tome Gentile Club Trading Network: An incredible support system of the other savvy traders who’ve taken full advantage of this bespoke system. You can share Intel with each other, create chat rooms, discover other strategies, create local chapters… The power of the network is everything…
  • A Member’s Only Annual Retreat: Were you can truly network and brush shoulders with other successful traders…

And a whole bunch of other stuff including the monthly Million Dollar Masterclass that covers a new trading strategy, secret, or technique, the Trading Club Roadmap to Riches customized timeline, the Trading Club Personal Notebook to record all your trades and profits, the Trading Club Personal Organizer to keep all your coaching materials in, the Trading Club Newsletter, and your Trading Club Founding Member Black Card.

And in anyone’s book – that’s a lot of stuff…!

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Who the heck is Tom Gentile?

tom gentile trading club Now, unlike many such research advisory services, this one is not headed by a guy who has the classic investment career. Tom Gentile hasn’t worked his way up on the trading floors, managing million dollar hedge funds, blah, blah, blah… Instead, he had a very interesting lead into his financial career. And he freely admits it was due to his cockiness…. In fact, he asked his boss (back in the day when he worked for Home Depot when it was a fledgling company with a mere handful of stores) to let him invent a program that would let the company predict its sales profits.

Now, cocky he may have been. But Gentile has an uncanny talent for creating such programs. Not to mention that the guy is a computer genius. And he’s dedicated his life since the early 90s to creating a program that can predict future buying patterns for any stock. And, in short, he’s done it! It took years, but the whole basis of the Tom Gentile Trading Club is this very program – it’s called the Money Calendar. And it’s been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Another popular service of his is the Fast Fortune Club.

Who is Tom Gentile Trading Club for?

Now, the advertising behind the Tom Gentile Trading Club is definitely aimed at those who’re retired or are nearing that age. And yes, it certainly is the market for the service. But they really are missing a trick. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to make decent profits from their trading…? And to be brutally honest, it doesn’t matter WHAT age you might be, you really will find a huge amount of value in the advice you receive.

Because… Why shouldn’t you retire at age 50, 45, 40 (or even younger) if you’ve made enough money…? And that’s our very point. If you’re looking for a way to genuinely make enough money to ensure that you’ll never, ever, have to worry again – whatever age you might be – then the Tom Gentile Trading Club could be exactly the partner in crime you’ve been searching for….

The Pros and Cons of Tom Gentile Trading Club

The Pros:

  • This incredible proprietary system has been proven over a decade of trading, and even in the most volatile of markets.
  • Works in all types of markets – even bear markets and those that are static.
  • Reduces trading risks and can give success certainty of a massive 90%…!
  • Takes all the guesswork out of trading, plus it dramatically reduces the amount of time you need to spend on your trading efforts.

The Cons:

  • OK… So let’s have a moment of reason in amongst all this hyperbole. Because, yes, the Tom Gentile Trading Club honestly can improve your chances of drawing big profits from your trading efforts. BUT, never forget that you can’t reduce risk down to nii. Trading is, by its essence, a risk. And you should never put more money into a trade than you can afford to lose. Live by that rule, and you’ll never suffer a dramatic loss that has blighted so many when the markets take a dangerous down turn.

The bottom line

Well, we certainly weren’t expecting to be impressed, but wow! Have we been proven wrong. We have to say that if you’re looking for a research advisory that gives you the dual aspect of both following the trading advice AND the ability to learn and become an independent trader (and a rich one at that) in your own right, then the Tom Gentile Trading Club has to be it. We’re very happy to recommend this service. It’s definitely one of the best we’ve seen over the past few years. And one that we’re sure is going to make a lot of people very rich indeed. It’s a resounding ‘yes’ from us – awesome…!

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