Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options Review – How Is It?

A ‘Little Known Key’ That’ll Allow you To Beat The Performance Of The Best Stock Pickers In The World…? Oh, And It Works On Losing Stocks As Well…? Hmmmm… Our ‘Scam’ Alert Warning Siren Is A-Ringing…

dr david eifrig’s advanced options reviewAnd well it should be, with crazy advertising claims that if you sign up to Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options then you’ll be availing yourself a unique trading technique that’ll bring you in 26 times more money than if you were to invest without it…

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Well, let’s just say, we’re gonna take some convincing. So of course, our only option was to do a serious deep dive into exactly what was on offer. And, most importantly, could Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options live up to its outrageous claims…

Below is what we discovered. And we have to say, it certainly makes for mighty interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options?

OK… So Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options is a research advisory service that leans heavily on a unique trading technique, or key, that’s been invented by Dr David Eifrig (and Jeff Havenstein). And this key is the USP behind the service. It’s all about adding an extra dimension to plain old stock picks. Because this key allows you to make massive profits, even if the stock doesn’t increase in value.

Eifrig and Havenstein are saying this is like unlocking a second dimension for any stock you purchase. Not only do you make money whichever way the stock goes, but you also make much higher profits than simply purchasing and waiting for it to rise (and by higher, we’re talking hundreds of percent higher…!).

Of course, the complete product has to not only be a research service, but also educational. It’s a new method of investing for most people, so it’s essential to understand how it works.

The product breaks down like this:

  • Unlock Triple-Digit Gains With Any Stock: This is a research report that explains everything you need to know about this method of trading, and the ‘secret key’. It includes info on how the key transforms even negative stocks into positive gains, why it only takes a few minutes per week to execute, how to spot the plays with the most potential gain, how to increase regular stock gains by 200% – or more… And loads, loads more information that we simply can’t cover in this short review.
  • The Research Advisory Service: Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options, or simply, Stansberry’s Advanced Options Service. This is the crux of the service, and provides you with a minimum of two trading ideas every single month. You’ll get intricate in-depth analysis of each recommendation, along with the latest research. But most importantly, you’ll get the secret key that unlocks the ‘2nd dimension’ of opportunity for the trades, making your potential gains increase massively – typically by over 100% higher…!
  • The Advanced Options Master Course: Dr Eifrig’s Master Course for Options Trading contains a plethora of educational videos that will show you how to utilize this secret key, all on your own. Once understood, you can use this unique method to boost your earnings in literally any sector (and that includes blue chips). The course is truly in-depth, and consists of 27 separate modules that you can work through at your leisure.
  • Stock Picking Letter 1: Doc Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire
  • Stock Picking Letter 2: Dr Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth
  • Stock Picking Letter 3: Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

Who is Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options for?

This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their trading to the next level. We love the fact that there’s a real educational aspect to the product, one that means that you really can gain true expert knowledge to further your efforts.

But don’t run away with the fact that Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options is only for the expert. Because if you don’t want to follow the Master Course, this really isn’t necessary. If you prefer you can simply utilize the advice given as to where to place your money – and, of course, take the highly increased profits this offers.

Who the heck is Dr. David Eifrig?

dr david eifrig advanced optionDr. Eifrig is, we have to say, a genius in his game. He worked for Goldman Sachs for many year, and – get this – he holds the longest ever wining streak for any trading analyst in the history of the industry! He received and A+ rating for his work for 5 (yes, 5!) consecutive years… Not to mention that he’s made himself a pretty penny over the years, as well as for his clients…

In a nutshell, Eifrig is perhaps the most potent trading winner the country (world?) has ever seen. And by signing up to  Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options you’ll be taking advantage of all of his brilliance….

He is also the author of Retirement Millionaire.

The Pros and Cons of Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options

The Pros

  • Works with all industries, on all types of stocks – even blue chips.
  • Relies on options trading, but in a way, way lower risk method that has every been presented before.
  • This is about making fast profits, and not having to tie up your cash for months or years on end.
  • Takes only minutes per week to make your trades (typically 15 minutes each week).

The Cons

  • OK, let’s be clear here. Membership of Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options isn’t cheap… But, we have to say, the potential gains will way, way cover your initial outlay to purchase the service. It all depends how invested you are into your own trading potential. And you’re the only one who known that, so only you can make the decision of whether or not to invest into making much higher profits from your trading efforts.

The Bottom Line

Wow….! That’s all we can say… Because we honestly thought we were going to be able to lambast Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options. But we can’t. Because in short, it’s awesome…!

If you’re looking to get into the safest kind of options trading possible… If you’re looking to boost your profit level exponentially…. If you truly want to make a very real income from you trading… Well, Dr David Eifrig’s Advanced Options will be right up your alley. This one’s a winner. And those who sign up will become winners too. A stand out great product – period…!

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