Fibonacci Fundamentals Course Review – How’s The Fibonacci Trading Institute?

An Online Training Course That Will Demystify The In’s And Out’s Of The Fibonacci Method Once And For All….? And Show You The Exact Way To Use It Stress Free And Successfully… Now, Wouldn’t That Be A Turn Up For The Books…?

fibonacci fundamentals course reviewBecause, let’s face it…? How many of us have honestly got our heads around truly using Fibonacci to the max? Not many, that’s for sure. But the Fibonacci Fundamentals Course by the Fibonacci Trading Institute promises to give us the true answers once and for all. Hmmmm…

Well, we don’t know about you, but we need a bit more proof than simply some glib promises from clever advertisers. We needed to find out the truth for ourselves. Cue an in-depth dive into exactly what you receive if you sign up to the Fibonacci Fundamentals Course, and, naturally, our humble opinion on what we really thought about it.

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What do you get for your money with Fibonacci Fundamentals Course?

So, the Fibonacci Fundamentals Course is one of a few on offer from the Fibonacci Trading Institute. This one, as its name suggests, is all about learning the foundation methods about this seriously successful (but mind blowing) technique of trading. It’s all about discovering how to use this method to trade stress free, and more importantly, without indicators.

So let’s look at an overview of what you’ll learn with the course:

  • The rule based indicator free foundations of Alpha Fibonacci Method: As this promises, you discover a simple to follow set of rules (and, crucially, indicator free) that are the complete foundation of the method.
  • Set up, use, and trading: Of the proprietary Fibonacci Tool that is the crux of the product.
  • Application on any platform: Crucially the tool can be used on any platform you wish. There are detailed (easy to apply) instructions on exactly how to do this. You can also use them on any instrument you like (cell phone, tablet, computer, Android, Apple, etc.)
  • Indicator free: Discover how to use this indicator free action for entry and Fibonacci for exits.
  • When and where: To enter the markets. And more importantly, when NOT to trade…
  • Identification: Of powerful trends versus weak markets
  • Identification: Of key market turning points
  • The nature of the beast: Discover the high accuracy and predictive nature of Fibonacci
  • Master price action patterns
  • Market structure: Gain deep understanding of the building blocks that prop up the whole structure of the market.
  • Price Pivots: Their importance and why they matter
  • Market Corrections: How to identify and how to avoid
  • Charts: Which should you trade and which not to
  • Trading plan: Because every successful trader needs a clear cut plan
  • Risk management

There’s far more covered – way too much to mention in this short review. The whole course is provide in an 8-week training course that takes place each Thursday. You can follow these classes live, or watch the recorded version at your own convenience (as many times as you want). There’s also a multitude of trading education models and educational videos that you can study at any time you choose.

You also get access to the Live Fibonacci Trading Room from Monday through Thursday, 9:30-12:00 EST.

Who is Fibonacci Fundamentals Course for?

The Fibonacci Fundamentals Course is suitable for anyone who wants to use this powerful tool to up their trading success. It’s also for the person who yearns for a stress-free trading life, because the education and proprietary tool really does take away the head scratching and frustration that so often accompanies this kind of trading.

It works in any time frame, on any platform, and can be used for Options, Position Trading, and Short Term Day Trading.

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Who the heck is the Fibonacci Institute?

The company was founded by one Alla Peters, who in 2008 created the proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method. And since 2011, the Fibonacci Institute has provided outstanding education to people around the globe who want to successfully trade using this incredibly successful method.

Education has been and continues to be lapped up by both the novice trader through to hedge fund managers. It’s been specifically designed to provide clearly defined trading rules to allow users to capitalize on trading opportunities. It’s been created to ensure unparalleled accuracy, use no indicators, can be utilized in any time frame, and, most importantly, uses no indicators.

The Pros and Cons of Fibonacci Fundamentals Course

The Pros

  • Completely takes away the mysteries of the Fibonacci method, thanks to the high quality education and no-indicator proprietary trading tool.
  • Can be used to trade any market, any time frame, as well as on Forex, Stocks, Bonds, and Option.
  • Offers wonderful support and customer service.
  • All classes are recorded, so you can follow at your own pace and at your own convenience.

The Cons

  • Well, let’s not get away from the fact that all trading comes with an inherent risk. The key is to lower that risk as much as is humanly possible. And the Fibonacci Fundamentals Course and proprietary trading software does this to the maximum that is possible.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? We’re impressed. And that doesn’t happen often, we have to admit. The Fibonacci Fundamentals Course from the Fibonacci Trading Institute is possible the very best one we’ve ever come across that truly explains this complex trading method. Not to mention provide you with the tools you need to trade in whatever market you choose in a completely stress free manner…

If you’re looking for very real way to introduce the Fibonacci method into your trading efforts, then the eight weeks it takes to follow the Fibonacci Fundamentals Course will be time well worth spent. There’s a reason there are so many fans. And that’s because this is a stand out great product. It certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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