Property Profits For Life Review – How’s Minesh Bhindi’s Program?

A Course That Shows You Not Only How To Draw Up To 24% Per Annum Profits From Real Estate Investing – Long Term, But To Also Manage Everything From Your Cell Phone…!

property profits for life review

Now hang on a moment… This sounds way, waaaay to good to be true, doesn’t it? And whilst we all know that real estate has historically been a safe bet, even with its ups and downs, it certainly isn’t as easy as most people think to draw real and sustained profits for your efforts.

So when we came across Property Profits For Life, the educational course by Wealth Manager, Minesh Bhindi, we were naturally pretty skeptical. After all, far too many of us have been burned in the real estate investing field. This certainly means it makes sense to be cautious if or when you consider dipping a toe in the water once again.

Of course, this meant one thing only… And that was to get down and dirty with exactly what Property Profits For Life was really all about. If you’re considering buying in, then you’re going to be mighty interested with what we found out. Read on as we dish the dirt on what you can really expect if you sign on the dotted line…or if you already have your mind made up you can go to the official site here.

What do you get for your money with Property Profits For Life?

So, Property Profits For Life is an educational course for those who want to grow their wealth through the power of Real Estate. Actually, there are other options as well as property if that’s what you want, such as precious metals, but let’s concentrate on the prime core of what this product is based on.

This is education in the exact tuition you need to not only make a living from your investments, but to actively stand to grow your wealth in a structured and substantial manner, with a ROI of 12-26.4% per year!

What you’ll learn during the course is what Minesh refers to as the ‘Wealth Triangle Philosophy. This is:

  • Buying property in a completely different manner: This is through an ETF, and then you start receiving your dividend.
  • Cash-flow said ETF: for a massive 12-26.4% per annum
  • Compounding: In other words, buy more Real Estate with the Option & Dividend income.

Now, this probably sounds like complete gibberish right now. But that’s fine – because Property Profits For Life is all about you learning exactly what this all means, and how to successfully execute.

The course is broken down into three components:

  • Component 1: Master the Fundamentals: Here you go through your fast start training, understanding virtual investing, and five separate modules that make everything crystal clear – even if you’ve never done anything like this in your life.
  • Component 2: Hand held start: Here is where things really start to get interesting. You get 2 x 1-2-1 coaching calls, five more modules of additional training, and all the tech assistance you need.
  • Component 3: Lifetime Support: Because even though you’ve carried out the training, this is vital for the reassurance at the beginning of your Real Estate investing career, as well as ensuring that you remain completely up to speed whenever markets or assets might change in the future. You also get access to all the Q&A archives and a dedicated client reception.

The whole course is delivered in an enjoyable, easy to follow structure that you work through at your own pace.

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Who the heck is Minesh Bhindi?

minesh bhindi reviewsWell, when it comes to making a sustained and very real income, Bhindi really is one of the world masters. Not only has he made his own fortune, but he’s helped thousands build their own. A true Real Estate expert and in Gold & Silver, he specializes in new build developments and creative financing that means you can buy property without putting down a single cent. In fact, you usually get cash back on completion date.

But the best thing about his advice is that he’s in for the long term. He shows you exactly how to manage risk in a sensible manner whilst showing you the exact way to build a well thought out portfolio that will see your wealth grow substantially, consistent manner for years to come.

Who is Property Profits For Life for?

Property Profits For Life is suitable for literally anyone who wants a safe, reliable method of making excellent returns. And you don’t need to understand all the intricacies of Real Estate, nor the stock market, nor ETFs, Options and the like, because you’ll be taken by the hand and led through everything you need to know. Plus once you’ve completed the course you have the added benefit of lifetime support – yep, lifetime – because Minesh Bhindi believes that it’s vital to always have such back up at every stage.

And it’s suitable for everyone from every walk of life. From stay at home mum’s to Wall Street traders, it really is possible for us all to make these real and consistent profits.

The Pros and Cons of Property Profits For Life

The Pros

  • Purchasing property through ETFs in this manner does away with all the traps of the ‘regular’ ways of owning Real Estate. Such as getting a mortgage, finding tenants, dealing with management agents, maintaining your properties, squatters, break ins, void periods… Oh, and having to cope with what you owe the dear old Inland Revenue…
  • A truly safe investment strategy that offers far better returns than other, more traditional, methods of investing.
  • Only takes up around 20 minutes per month of your time.
  • Can be carried out at any place in the world, from your cell, as long as you have an Internet connection.

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The Cons

  • You will need at least $20,000 to begin your investments in Real Estate, and a minimum of $5,000 to ‘test’ the strategy. So in all reality, this won’t be something that everyone can afford to get into.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we’re ultra impressed. And we certainly don’t give out that sort of praise lightly. This is a truly well thought out, independently verified educational support program that’s perfect for anyone looking for safe investments with a decent return. OK, we’re not talking the 100s or even 1000s of percentages that are possible with high-risk strategies. But if those were the stakes you were looking for then you wouldn’t even be considering Property Profits For Life.

And yes, if you like getting hands on with the Real Estate you own, then it also won’t be for you. But if what you want is to make very real gains, month in, month out, year in, year out, then this is a truly viable way to increase your net wealth. Minesh Bhindi not only knows his stuff, he also knows how to impart his knowledge. And this makes Property Profits For Life a very real prospect for anyone from any walk of life. In a nutshell, we love it…!

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