Gold And Silver For Life Review – Is Minesh Bhindi’s Program Good?

A Simple Method To Make Serious Returns On The Gold & Silver Market!  Hold Your Horses, Cowboy – This Is Only Something The Big Boys Should Get Involved In, Isn’t It…? gold and silver for life review

For anyone who’s considering investing in precious metals, you’d have to be living in a cave to know that when things go a bitpear-shaped, it’s always gold that folks turn to for a rock solid investment.  But this on it’s own leads to a volatile market – after all, it was only a few years back that gold was pushing the $2,000 bucks per ounce mark, and now it’s way below that.  And yep – we all know that gold is something the big investors make mucho bucks from.  But how on earth can the little guy also hope to do so?

This is exactly what Gold and Silver for Life is all about – making sustained (and decent) profits from investing in precious metals.  The creation of self made millionaire, Minesh Bhindi, this is an all-in-one investment program that shows people just like me and you exactly how to establish a virtually guaranteed income (with a ROI of 1-2.2% per month) from the gold and silver markets – or so it would have us believe from the flashy advertising…

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Hmmm, we have to say we were cynical.  This, naturally, left us with no choice but to jump  wholeheartedly into bed with the program.  After all, are we missing a trick here, or is it really just too good to be true.

Read on to discover exactly what we found.  It makes for pretty interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Gold And Silver For Life?

Okay, so what you’re actually getting with Gold and Silver For Life is a trading options software that will show you exactly what you need to do to profit from the rises and falls of the value of gold and silver.

It breaks down like this:

  • The free webinar:  This is, exactly as the title suggests, a free recording of a webinar by Gold and Silver For Life creator, Minesh Bhindi (more about him in a moment).  It’s about 3 hours long and basically gives you an overview of why investing in gold and silver in these tumultuous times we live in is something that each and every one of us can get involved in.
  • Getting started:  Now, it’s pretty likely that you have no prior knowledge about how to even get up and running when investing in gold and silver.  The program provides you with everything you need to know – in simple, step-by-step fashion.

  • Weekly webinars and live weekly coaching calls:  For life.  Each one recorded and archived so you can watch and listen at your leisure.  Here you’ll get live market guidance, analysis of your position and next steps, and up to date information on how to respond to market situations.
  • The online learning centerDoes exactly what it says on the tin…  And this is a great feature as you’ll be able to enhance your knowledge further and further as your investment timeline goes on.  It’s set out in easy to follow modules that shows you exactly what you need to do to generate an excellent monthly income.
  • Open Q&A’s:  Including how to set up your business, pay taxes on your profits, the refund policy, how to withdraw your money, risks, how to make money on downward markets…

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Who is Gold And Silver For Life for?

So, this is a program for ANYONE who wants to make money from one of the most stable assets in the world today.  You only need do a simple Google search to discover the tenuous state the global financial markets are in today.  And the one thing that’s stood the test of time over the centuries is gold and silver.  We’re not into promoting fear (as some unscrupulous advertisers do) over the volatility of the markets – but what we are into is safeguarding as much as is humanly possible to ensure your own financial stability.

This is a method that, up until now, has really only been a possibility for those with major wealth.  What Gold and Silver For Life has done is bring the possibility of trading in precious metals to the average person – you and me!  And bizarrely, this has proven an extremely popular investment for women  – who make up a significantly high proportion of investors in 27 countries using the Gold and Silver For Life investment program.

Who the heck is Minesh Bhindi?

minesh bhindi reviewsWell, Minesh is certainly no stranger to bold investing moves.  He’s led the way in investing in such massive markets as Apple (2002), Google (2004), London Real Estate (2005), The US Stock Market (2007), and, most recently, the gold and silver markets.  He’s also the founder of Reverent Capital, a service that acts as a consultancy for those individuals with a high net worth through the globe.  He’s living proof that real investment profits are based on not from being in on certain investments or market timing, but from investing in the correct type of assets.

The Pros and Cons of Gold And Silver For Life

The Pros

  • Once you’re set up, your trading will only take 20-30 minutes of your day.  And there’s no need to pour over technical charts to know what your next move should be – it’s all shown to you in simple steps that anyone can understand.
  • The online learning center means that you continue to grow your knowledge on investing and profiting from the global gold and silver markets.
  • You’re shown the simple way to get into the precious metal markets and to take ownership.  This means that you not only grow your portfolio, but you can make real and sustained profits, whichever way the market swings.
  • In today’s crazy market, you safeguard your future in what is perhaps the most secure way possible – by owning gold and silver.  Time and time again it’s been shown that other assets can swing wildly at any given point (just look at the stock markets straight after the UK Brexit vote).  Up until now it simply wasn’t possible (or damn difficult) for the regular guy to get a foot into the gold and silver market.  Gold and Silver For Life now makes this possible.

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The Cons

  • Well, you do need a minimum investment of $5,000 bucks – something that may be a bridge too far for many.  And you also need slightly more than that to buy into the program…  But, if you’re looking for ways to spread out your investments, then for those with the cash, Gold and Silver For Life could be exactly the right choice.

The Bottom Line

Listen up!  We were pretty unsure about Gold and Silver For Life when we first came across it.  But hey, the results speak for themselves….  Not only are people (a verified 92% of customers) honestly recouping the promised 1-2.2% ROI per month the program promises, but as of right now, it boasts an incredible 0% refund rate.  That’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standards…  In a nutshell, we honestly believe that if you have the capital to get started, this really is a method in which you can make genuine, reliable profits.

Forget all the scaremongering you read about currency collapse, blah blah blah…  Because if that really does happen, then the gold and silver market is the best (only!) place to be.  But what you’re really looking for is a worthwhile and comprehensive way of making your hard earned dollars work for you – in the here and now.  And this is exactly What Gold and Silver For Life helps you do.  Top notch product, Minesh – we love it!

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