Petra Picks Gold Review – Petra Hess’ Picks Good?

Well Here’s A Rare Find… A Financial Advisory Research Headed Up By A Woman…! But Can Petra Hess’s ‘Gold’ Make You The Solid Income (& Dare We Say Riches…!) That You’ve Been Striving To Draw, But No Doubt Failing To Up Until Now…?

petra picks gold reviewAnd no, we’re not being sexist by the above comment. We’re just surprised (and pleased, we hasten to add) to see a woman getting up on the research advisory bandwagon.

But enough about that, and lets move on with the serious stuff. Because we don’t care if the advice comes from a woman or a guy… What we care about is if the damn product actually works! So of course, we had to get truly down and dirty with Petra Picks Gold to find out the truth. The advertising looks great! But if there’s no substance behind the claims, then it’s not simply worthless, but it puts your whole finances at risk if the advice given causes you to lose money…

So before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to read exactly what we found out about Petra Picks Gold… And then you can make a genuinely informed decision as to whether it’s the option for you.

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What do you get for your money with Petra Picks Gold?

OK, so Petra Picks Gold is a combination product. And by this we mean it combines both education about trading, and advice on the potentially most profitable stocks you can invest in. And all of this information comes from the brilliant mind of Petra Hess. Now, we’ll talk a little more about her in a moment. But first of all, let’s look at what your subscription buys you.

  • The Petra Picks Gold Online & Video Training: This education takes members from the most basic of stock trading training, right through the spectrum as you gain more knowledge and confidence as your profits and earnings grow. This is provided in both online training format, and video format. Together these modules gently guide you through the journey to optimize your trading strategy, and to become a more successful trader and investor.
  • The Petra Picks Daily Stock Watch Lists: Exactly as this sounds, each day you receive Petra’s personal stock watch lists via email. This allows you to track the exact same stocks that Petra herself is watching. Each carefully researched company offers the opportunity to trade on one or both of the U.S. and Canadian markets, and getting this daily list means you can easily identify and catch stocks as they fall in price. This means you can buy at a discount, ride the upward wave, and take your profits.
  • The Petra Picks Gold Buy Alerts: These are, exactly as the name suggests, immediate alerts when there’s an opportunity to buy. This means you’ll never again miss out on the chance to grab a potentially profitable stock on which to make good money. These buy alerts are the exact same ones that Petra herself is backing, so you can rest assured that the massive amount of background research has been carried out for you, allowing you to simply ride the wave and make fast money.
  • The Petra Picks Gold Sell Alerts: And in the very same way, when it’s time to sell and take your profit, you’ll be pinged via email and text mess age detailing the exact action you need to take. This eliminates all the guesswork on your behalf, as you’ll be mirroring the exact same moves that millionaire traders do on a regular basis.

Who is Petra Picks Gold for?

Because this combines both ongoing education AND the research advisory, it makes the product suitable for all levels of trader. It’s great for the rank beginner, as you get all the information you need to get started. And it also works well for those with a few more miles under their belt, but have yet to reap the profits they know they deserve. After all, we all know that on-going education is key to our success, and Petra Picks Gold provides this in bucket loads.

If you’re looking to build your wealth without having to dedicate hours of your week staring at the computer, then this is the perfect vehicle for you. It works exceedingly well for part time traders and those who combine their trading efforts with full time employment.

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Who the heck is Petra Hess?

petra hess petra picks goldOur comments above about this being a product by a female were a little bit tongue in cheek, we have to admit (and designed to enflame – ha ha!). Because anyone who’s anyone in the world of trading knows that Hess is a true big gun when it comes to trading. She’s a millionaire trader herself, and has coached countless people as to how to successfully grow their own wealth in a sustained, low risk manner.

The lady is a true entrepreneur, and had made her millions by the time she’d reached the tender age of 25. She realized very early on that investing in yourself through education is one of the key components to success. And that’s why so many people follow her carefully designed training methods, such as the ones you’ll benefit from in Petra Picks Gold. Put succinctly, Hess is a rarity in the male-dominated world of trading, and she puts many of her male counterparts to shame… The lady’s a financial guru, and her own millions and the fortunes of her many followers are tantamount to how successful she really is.  She also runs Petra Picks Platinum and Petra Picks Power Trading System.

The Pros and Cons of Petra Picks Gold

The Pros


  • Simple to follow trading advice with a controlled risk system. Trading the Petra Picks Gold way is literally as easy as 1-2-3…!
  • Never miss another buy or sell opportunity thanks to both the daily updates and the as-and-when needed alerts, direct to your cell and email.
  • All the background research is done for you, meaning you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you need spend on your trading efforts.
  • The advice given is specifically designed to allow you to reap constant gains, no matter whether the market is moving up or down.

The Cons

  • The worst thing about Petra Picks Gold…? Well, it’s probably that you have to pay for the whole thing up front – there is no option to pay on a monthly basis.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? This has got to be one of the best educational and research advisory’s on the market today. And we also love the fact that it covers both the U.S. and the Canadian markets. That makes it pretty unique in it’s own right…

Petra has literally become legendary in the world of trading – and for good reason. She’s brilliant…! We love the no bull advertising; We love the no nonsense training; And we love the no straight to it trading advice. In short, we LOVE Petra Picks Gold… If you sign up to this top-quality program, then we guarantee you’re not gonna be disappointed. But you WILL end up a whole lot richer. Awesome, simply awesome…

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