Vertical Fortunes Review – How’s Alan Knuckman’s Service?

Fancy Some Rapid Fire Wins, With An Average Close of 22 Days, And Bringing In Gains Of Over 4000%…? Of Course You Do…. But Can Alan Knuckman’s New Offering Really Bring Uber-Riches To The ‘Little’ Guy…?

vertical fortunes reviewAnd before you get all offended by our terminology, we firmly place ourselves in the ‘little guy’ camp as well… All we mean by it is regular folk, probably with a full time J.O.B., who want to make some serious cash in our spare time with some carefully selected trades. And, very importantly, not have to put too much time into our efforts so we can still have a life…

This is the very promise that Alan Knuckman’s Vertical Fortunes advisory is promising. It’s all about following his proven system that will bring you big gains in the shortest amount of time possible (the average being 22 days, with some even as fast as 24 hours!).

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Now this all sounds great, doesn’t it…? However, we’ve been fooled before by some cleverly written advertising. But we certainly don’t fall for it any more. And neither should you… So if you’re thinking of signing on the dotted line, then oh-boy do you need to read our following review. Because it’s your hard earned cash, and the last thing you need is to go sending it off to yet another waste of time advisory service, wouldn’t you agree…?

What do you get for your money with Vertical Fortunes?

So, in a nutshell, Vertical Fortunes is an advisory service based on what Kuckman calls his, Three-Line System. In short, what this is, without going into all the boring math detail, is when three very specific occurrences present, then this is a virtual GUARANTEE that the stock is about the explode. These incidences are:

  • The FINRA report that the stock is at the Sales Exhaustion Point: In simple terms, it means that it’s one of the most hated stocks on Wall Street, and people are selling like crazy as they bet against them.
  • But…! The company is showing positive divergence, a measure that there’s no one left to sell: Because every market move comes to a natural end. Whilst people are betting against them and selling their shares, the rate of decline is fast – real fast. Bet eventually there’s no-one left to sell, and the decline comes to a halt. This is a reliable sign that the price is about to reverse.
  • A scheduled catalyst: We need the two occurrences above to coincide with a catalyst, such as an earnings announcement, a release of results, an announced company exec call, or something along those lines.

And when these three happy occurrences converge, then you’re poised for a massive vertical move. AKA – big profits for you…!

So, let’s take a look at exactly what you get when you sign up to Vertical Fortunes.

  • A Weekly Trade Recommendation: Each week you’ll receive full details of a new vertical trade that’s been identified. You’ll get all the Intel you need as to why this could bring you in thousands of bucks, plus all the instructions to carry out the trade.
  • The Weekly Trading Video: Your step-by-step guide by Alan Knuckman himself that’ll walk you through every single aspect of following his trading recommendation. Discover why the trade is being recommended, and how much money you can expect to make.
  • The Vertical Move That Could Pay You $6,754 by Next Week: This is the first email you’ll get just as soon as you sign up.
  • The Seven Video Instructional Series: All you need to know to learn the ins and outs of trading the Vertical Fortunes way. Ideal for the beginner, and also perfect for the more advanced trader who wants to brush up or learn a bunch of inside trader secrets.
  • Online Access: To Alan Knuckman’s exclusive website, This is lifetime access, and will giver you even more options on stocks that are highly likely to experience a vertical move.
  • Live TV Question Time: Alan does a weekly TV segment on a show called Top That Trade. You can email in your questions and he’ll take a selection of them and discuss them live (with a second Wall Street Pro), live on his Friday TV show.
  • Urgent Email updates: Because the markets move fast, and when it’s time to sell you need to be bang on point…
  • Regular Portfolio Updates: Any time an important event occurs, you’ll get a recap of all the open trades and what your actions should be…

Who is Vertical Fortunes for?

Vertical Fortunes if the ideal advisory for anyone who wants to make money, and make it fast. It’s all about trading when the opportunity presents – moving fast, and getting in and out and taking your profits in a matter of days. This will suit those who want to profit from the very same spoils that those floor traders on Wall Street do, day in, day out.

In addition it’ll suit both the time short trader (perfect if you trade on top of your full time employment), AND you don’t need a massive stake to get started. It also works for the novice trader, as every single step you need to execute to carry out your trade is fully explained.

Who the heck is Alan Knuckman?

alan knuckman vertical fortunes So the brains behind Vertical Fortunes have collaborated with a guy who, for very good reason, is often referred to as the ‘Best Trader in America’. Now that’s some high accolade, but the man truly does deserve it. Back in 1991 he was one of the youngest ever people to join the Chicago Board of Trade. For nearly three decades he worked the trading floor, competing with the best of the best world traders.

And now…? Well, any time any of the major financial media outlets need an expert – it’s Alan they have on speed dial. He’s a true genius when it comes to creating systems – his two existing ones have brought about more gains in a short time frame than pretty much any other trader out there. And that’s on a global scale!! Suffice to say, Knuckman knows his onions…!

The Pros and Cons of Vertical Fortunes

The Pros

  • Vertical Fortunes is specifically designed to allow you to draw big profits, regardless of what the market is doing. And this means even if it crashes – you still continue to make money.
  • Brings in profits quickly. This is not a hold and wait strategy, it’s all about capitalizing quickly, meaning your money is never held up for weeks, months, or years at a time.
  • Easy to follow (even for the complete rookie), and will take less than 10 minutes of your time each week.
  • You can start trading with as little as $100 bucks…

The Cons

  • Well, there’s only 1,000 places being opened up to join Vertical Fortunes. And once they’ve been snapped up, then that’s it. There’s no guarantee when (if ever) they’ll be a chance to join again. So if you want in, you’d best move fast…

The Bottom Line

Well, people… We certainly surprised even ourselves with how impressed we were with Vertical Fortunes. This really is a great method of trading, with great odds on backing true winners. In fact, we’d go as far to say that it’s one of the best systems we’ve come across in a long time. And well it should be, if experience and results of its creator are anything to go by.

If you’re the kind of person who wants time short trading, a truly lowered risk level, and – of course – big gains in the shortest amount of time then Vertical Fortunes ticks all of the boxes. The only ‘bad’ thing about it is the limited amount of spaces. So if Vertical Fortunes hits the spot, then you need to move fast, before the chance has gone forever…!

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