Petra Picks Platinum Review – How’s Petra Hess’ Service?

A Financial Advisory That Genuinely Offers The Opportunity To Become A Self-Made Millionaire…? Do We Need To Alert Advertising Standards For False Promises…?

petra picks platinum reviewBecause, come on…! Can you really claim in your advertising blurb that you, “Fully expect to see quite a few self-made millionaires being created”…? But that’s exactly what’s being promised for those who joint Petra Picks Platinum, an exclusive group of Elite Traders who’re looking to generate more profits and build personal wealth at a faster pace…

Hmmm…. We have to say, much as we love the lady behind the product – Petra Hess – we think this is taking the advertising angle a step too far.

But of course, we can’t judge without being informed. And neither should you. So the logical next step for us was to find out more – much more – about Petra Picks Platinum. And we have to say, what we discovered was certainly eye-opening. So if you’re considering signing up, then we beg (plead!) that you read what we found out… Because it’s certainly no small matter when it comes to risking your finances. And forewarned is forearmed, so the saying goes…

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What do you get for your money with Petra Picks Platinum?

So, Petra Picks Platinum is a small group, elite service that provides both high level trading education with a financial advisory service. Now, you can get the advisory on its own through other, less expensive services provided by Petra Hess. But the USP of the Platinum service is the coaching. And, we have to say, it’s pretty out there – and we mean that in a good way…

So let’s look at everything you get if you manage to secure a place on this small group coaching and advisory service:

  • The Petra Picks Platinum Live Coaching: This really is awesome, and is provided in the format of live webinars (that, of course, are recorded so you can revisit at any time). This is live training that’s given by Petra Hess herself. Now, we’ll talk a little more about her in a mo, but suffice to say that this lady really is a true financial guru when it comes to both trading and coaching. And the thing is, if you want to learn to be uber-successful, then you have to train with the best. Hess certainly hits that marker. And this is an amazing opportunity to train with one of the best coaches out there today.
  • The PetraPicks Platinum Private Member’s Only Conferencing Room: Here you can watch Petra herself set up trades from the watch list, monitor them, take entries, go over current trades, look for opportunities… The list goes on. This VIP area is a supportive environment for it’s members, and allows all levels of traders to learn, interact, share ideas, and visually watch and learn Hess’s proven processes and tactics.
  • The Petra Picks Platinum Video Watch Lists: This is the personal video watch list of Petra herself. These follow her proven, market tested system, and allow you to watch and track each of the carefully researched companies on both the U.S. and Canadian markets.
  • The PetraPicks Platinum Buy Alerts: These come to your cell via text as well as to your email. This means you’ll never again miss out on an opportunity because you found out about it too late…
  • The Petra Picks Platinum Sell Alerts: Of course, you also need the same, up-to-the-minute advice when it comes to selling. Takes away every iota of the guesswork of when to draw your profits…

Who is Petra Picks Platinum for?

If you’re ready, willing, and able to take your trading to the next level, then Petra Picks Platinum is for you. Sure, you need to dedicate a bit of time to the training. But as Petra always says, investing in your own education is the key to your success. You don’t need to commit to full time trading – indeed, this program is specifically designed to be worked around a regular job. All you need is a little time, say in the evenings or weekends, to carry out your training.

The investing itself is simple, because you get all the advice you need via the advisory side of the service. And rest assured that even if you’re a rookie trader, the quality of the training means you’ll easily be able to follow and increase your knowledge fast…

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Who the heck is Petra Hess?

petra hess petra picks platinumWell… If you haven’t yet heard of Hess, then you need to. This lady is pretty unique in the male dominated world of finance. And boy – does she kick their asses…! She’d made her first million by the age of 25, and truly understands the power of education – that’s why she’s become one of the most sought after and successful trading coaches today: because her methods work, and many of her students really have gone on to become self-made millionaire’s in their own right.

She’s also unique in the fact that she provides advice on both the U.S. and the Canadian markets… This is one uber-successful lady, and by learning from her you can also create your own trading success story.  Other products she has are the Power Trading System and Petra Picks Gold.

The Pros and Cons of Petra Picks Platinum

The Pros

  • This is a true educational program. You’ll learn exactly what the common trading mistakes are, how to spot them, and most importantly, how to avoid them. You’ll discover how to safely control risk as a top priority.
  • Provides a real support group via the conferencing room, where you can go in at any time of the day to interact with other members – and at times, with Petra herself.
  • Covers both the U.S. and Canadian markets – a unique opportunity to get major expertise in both of these markets.
  • Helps you build your wealth in whatever direction the markets are moving. Discover how to catch stocks as prices fall, purchase at a discount, and take the profits as they rise again. The whole program is designed so you can take regular and substantial profits – no need to tie your money up in the long term.

The Cons

  • OK, so Petra Picks Platinum is expensive. But hey…! When it comes to value for money, then it really does provide a massive bang for your buck. Whether or not you consider joining will be down to how much you value improving your own education. Because, let’s face it, one decent profit on a single stock will more than cover the yearly joining fee…

The Bottom Line

Wow…! That’s certainly a word that describes Petra Picks Platinum… Sure – it won’t be for everyone. But for those who truly want to take their trading efforts to the next level, this is the unique opportunity to train with one of the world’s best traders. Her methods work – period…! And her own multi-million dollar fortune AND that of some of her students is tantamount to how good she really is…

For the person who’s serious about improving their trading results, then Petra Picks Platinum is an awesome product. And it certainly get’s a great big thumbs up from us…

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