Stealth Profits Trader Review – Is This Legit?

So Now All You Need To Make Uber Profits Is The Little Known, ‘Star Pattern’… Hmmm… Sounds Like A Whole Load Of Marketing Bull*** To Us…

stealth profits trader reviewIt seems that not a day goes by without yet another ‘must have’ research advisory service hits the already overloaded market… And when they’re backed by big names – you know, by well-respected people such as D.R. Barton Jr. (more about him in a mo), then they can seem pretty damn tempting.

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But the thing is…. Can such a service honestly be worth the price tag? Because in many cases, these things are damn expensive to buy into. And sure… If you hit one big payday then of course you make more than your money back. But it’s all about hitting that payday in the first place.

So when we came across Stealth Profits Trader that’s blabbering on about it’s ‘secret’ Star Pattern, then we have to say that our alarm bells start to sound. Because if that’s its only USP, then it doesn’t make it that tempting a buy, does it…? Of course, this meant we had to dig much deeper into what the service really does offer. So if you’re thinking of buying in, then you NEED to read what we discovered. Because the last thing you want to be doing is to waste your hard earned cash on a product that simply can’t deliver on its OTT promises…

What do you get for your money with Stealth Profits Trader?

OK, so Stealth Profits Trader is all about getting regular trading recommendations. And yes, the marketing blurb goes on about this ‘mysterious STAR pattern’. Now, we’re not going to go into the technicalities of this pattern, because you’ll have already read plenty about them if you’re considering Stealth Profits Trader. Suffice to say that it’s based on a fluctuating share price of a company, the volatility and deviations causing this, and the average closing prices and daily volume. Together these create what’s termed as ‘Pressure Point Payouts’. And these, in short, make for big plays and even bigger payouts…!

And actually, there are loads of these – so much so that if you could pinpoint them, they’d be some pretty awesome money making opportunities at least every couple of weeks. And that’s the crux of Stealth Profits Trader – targeting and investing at the very point these events take place, and reaping the handsome profits they bring.

When you sign up you receive the following:

  • The weekly Stealth Profits Trader Email Alert: This will contain, on average, three new trade recommendations. You’ll get a visual representation of the STAR Pattern and Pressure Gauge. A brief overview of the company, and in-depth reasons as to why you might want to make the trade – depending on your personal goals. In addition you’ll even receive advice on what percentage of your portfolio you might consider allocating to the particular trade. And of course, you get all the precise instructions necessary to execute.
  • The Two Minute Trade Breakdown Email: This follows around 24 hours after the above email alert. It consists of a video breakdown with a true deep dive that’ll tell you all you need to know about the recommendation. And, naturally, this is then followed up by another alert when it’s time to collect your profits.

These three alerts work hand in hand, because when they come, these Pressure Point Payouts move quick. And to make your riches, you need to move fast as well…!

  • The Stealth Profits Trader Text Alerts: Because in this fast moving world you need to have your finger on the pulse. And let’s be honest, do we all check our emails as often as we should? Probably not. But we do respond to text messages. So this is the very best way to get you the required Intel just when you need it – for your maximum payout.
  • The D.R. Unfiltered Videos: A weekly video from Barton himself that breakdown his personal, unbiased thoughts on the economic issues of the day. And, crucially, how these might impact on the opportunities that you’re a part of as a member of the Stealth Profits Trader elite team.
  • The Stealth Profits Trader Website: Strictly member’s only, you get a daily portfolio tracker, and an archive of every single buy and sell alert, video, and piece of advice that’s every been given.

Who is Stealth Profits Trader for?

OK, so you are going to need just a little bit of experience to get started. So maybe for the complete rookie we’d suggest having a play around with your trades for a couple of months prior to buying in. Because this is an advisory for those who like to make the final trading decisions themselves – not for those who want a completely ‘done for you’ service. But if you’ve got an iota of common sense, and can realize that having the advice from such a renowned expert as Barton Jr., then the heads up you’ll get from Stealth Profits Trader could well be the life changing trading opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Oh, and it takes all the time and effort out of your trading experience, because Barton’s done all the research for you. So all you need give is a few minutes of your week to your trading efforts…

Who the heck is D.R. Barton Jr.?

dr barton jr stealth profits traderBarton might not be a name that’s top of the leader board when it comes to self-promotion. But oh boy does he know his stuff.  His own coffers are filled with the millions he’s made over his long trading career. He’s the author of a NY Times best selling investment books, he’s a regular weekly guest of Stuart Varney on Fox Business channel. He’s co-founded a thriving hedge fund. And, he’s a key member of the team that produces Stealth Profits Trader, Money Map Press. And most importantly, he’s the king of developing simple systems that solve complex systems.

In other words, simple get genius solutions such as the STAR pattern.

The Pros and Cons of Stealth Profits Trader

The Pros

  • Provides exclusive and little known about opportunities to make what can amount to extraordinary gains that your regular ‘rules of trading’ certainly won’t see coming.
  • Works in any market – so it doesn’t matter if it’s going up or down. This means that you’ll be using a proven system that will provide you with very real trade opportunities, NO MATTER WHICH WAY THE MARKET IS HEADING…!
  • Takes the emotional aspect out of the trade. And as anyone knows, the quickest route to losing money is those damned emotions that cloud your judgment…
  • Thanks to this unique system, you can make your trades at any time. Yes, that’s before, during, or even after market hours.

The Cons

  • Now, of course, trading – all trading – comes with an element of risk. So you should never, ever, stake more money than you can afford to lose. But the key to Stealth Profits Trader is that it brings your risk factor down tenfold, thanks to the expertise behind the recommendations. That’s the whole reason to buy into such a service, because you’re taking the advice of a true trading guru to bring your risk levels down as far as is humanly possible. And Stealth Profits Trader certainly does that…!

The Bottom Line

OK, folks… We have to hold our hands up and say that our initial thoughts about Stealth Profits Trader were wrong, Wrong, WRONG! Because yes, we were truly cynical about the program. But hey – even our radar goes a little awry on occasion. Because this really is an innovative, and – we have to say – somewhat ‘out there’ trading method that’s been proven over and over again to work…!

So if you’re looking for a way to profit, whatever way the market is heading. And you don’t want to tie your money up for the long term. AND you don’t need a massive stake to get started. Then Stealth Profits Trader could be just the research advisory you’ve been looking for. And it comes with a decent 100% money back guarantee as well. We have to say, this one really is the real deal. And for those who take the plunge and buy in…? Well, it could be the best move they ever make…

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