Daily Profit Planner Review (2019) – How’s Jeff Williams & Davis Martin’s Service?

Want To Learn And Profitably Trade Options…? Want To Learn And Profitably Trade Penny Stocks…? Well, Apparently, This Combination Product Provides You With Expertise In Both… Now, Call Us Cynical, But We Have To Say That The Jury’s Out On This One…

daily profit planner review

The short of it is that, Daily Profit Planner is basically their 2 top notch service put together into one: Daily Profit Machine and Penny Pro.

These 2 services are perfect for those who are looking to maximize their profits in the shortest amount of time researching and trading.  Is that what people would say, “more bang for your buck”?

We have already put together reviews for both of the programs so for your convenience we have linked to our reviews of the 2 services.

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Penny Pro Review

Daily Profit Machine Review

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Because, let’s face it, when a trading product doesn’t specialize, and tries to offer too much, then can it really stand up to scrutiny in both areas…? That was our first thought when we came across Daily Profit Planner. But, it does have a single saving grace… And that’s that this is a dual effort from two traders we really do have a lot of time for, and that’s Jeff Williams and Davis Martin.

Now, if you’re not familiar with those names, then we’ll talk more about them in a moment. But first things first… Let’s get down and dirty with exactly what’s on offer when you sign up to Daily Profit Planner. And be sure of one thing, you certainly don’t want to be sending these guys a single red cent of your cash until you’ve read what our digging uncovered…

What do you get for your money with Daily Profit Machine?

So, in a nutshell, Daily Profit Planner is not a single product. Instead, it’s a packaged deal of two rather interesting single products that are both in themselves two-tiered… Confused…? Yeah, us too, at first. So let’s put it in simple terms.

Daily Profit Planner consists of two separate education and research advisory services. The first specializes in Daily Swing Trading, and the second in Penny Stocks. Each of them provides a wonderful grounding for the education you need to understand how to fully utilize the product, and ongoing training so you can truly grasp the intricacies to succeed.

So let’s take a look at exactly what you receive when you sign up for the Daily Profit Planner.

The first product is the Daily Profit Machine, by Davis Martin, and it consists of the following:

  • Education via video learning: Get down and dirty with all you need to know about swing trading. These easy to follow lessons will take you from complete rookie right though to an independent trader who can pull in profits, on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. The education is ongoing, with frequent new lessons added and many live trading webinars.
  • Daily Swing Trade videos: Each morning, get a cheeky insight into exactly what Davis Martin and his team have planned for the upcoming days and weeks.
  • The Daily Swing Trade Email: Like clockwork, before the markets open, Davis gives you the lowdown on exactly how to profit, no matter which way the market swings…
  • Email & SMS alert: Vital components, because in this fast moving market, if you don’t have your finger on the pulse, there’s no prizes for being too late… Every alert contains a detailed risk profit, entry and exit targets, and the complete lowdown on the moves you need to make for maximum gains
  • Expert mentoring: From Martin himself. Because as the markets and trading in this high octane field evolves, so you need to as well. Thanks to this element of the product, you can be sure that you’re always bang up to date and trading at the very cutting edge of your ability…

And the second product is Penny Pro, by Jeff Williams. Check out what this specialist service brings you…

  • Education via video learning: There’s more than 1,000 lessons included, so ideal for newbies to penny stocks, though to those who’ve already got some element of penny stock trading knowledge.
  • Regular new lessons: These are added every two weeks, ensuring that you’re as up to date with your knowledge as possible.
  • Education webinars: Every second month these are hosted by Jeff Williams. Watch and learn live (and join in), or watch the recorded version if that’s more convenient.
  • The Daily Stock Watch List: With penny stock trading it’s vital to be current. And that’s why you receive an alert each and every day that brings 5-10 stocks to your attention with very real potential to increase exponentially.
  • Chat, SMS, & Email alerts: Whenever there’s some ‘can’t wait’ advice that might need to act on.
  • Chatroom access: Mingle and network with more than 1,000 other penny stock traders.
    Secret trading strategies: Utilized by Jeff Williams himself to bring in millions trading the world of penny stocks….

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Who the heck is Jeff Williams?

jeff williams daily profit planner reviewHmmm…. It’s tough to know exactly where to start when it comes to listing Jeff’s accolades. Let’s start with his experience that spans over two decades, or what about his incredible success factors in options, small caps, and all things penny stocks? The thing is, when it comes understanding the difference between real, low priced investments that have a genuine change of making you mucho profits, compared with the cheap, garbage fakeouts, you need a true expert on your side.

And this is where Williams is the man… And by that, we mean he really is THE MAN who continues, week in, week out, to make very real, very large profits with shrewd investing in what, for many, can be uncharted waters… But with Jeff’s incredible ability and tools on your side, as you get with the Daily Profit Planner, you too can emulate his incredible success too…

And Davis Martin…?

davis martin daily profit planner reviewWhen it comes to the world of options and swing trading, then Martin is truly up there as trading royalty. When it comes to his speciality (SPY options) his track record is exemplary. And make no mistake about it, when we say that, we really mean it. Let’s just say, since the beginning of 2017, in all of his daily alerts, the guy’s only had a single losing trade. And that, we think you’ll agree, is very real proof of quite how good he is at his job…

Who is the Daily Profit Planner for?

Well, the combined products that you receive in Daily Profit Planner work really well in conjunction together. Swing Trading and Penny Stocks, if you get it right, provide the ideal platform to bring you regular, and in many cases, substantial profits… And thanks to the product combining both education AND trading advice, you can do away with the huge amount of time it would take to a) learn how to trade successfully and b) do all the research to seek out the most relevant trades.

In addition, both of the services can be utilized no matter how much (or little) you already know about these specialized types of trading.

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The Pros and Cons of The Daily Profit Planner

The Pros

  • Comes at a massive discount when you consider the price each individual service costs.
  • You don’t need a massive stake to get started in either penny stock or swing trading. That makes it suitable for anyone of any level, no matter how much or how little you have to get started with.
  • Both services work across all platforms, meaning they’re truly portable. Perfect if you need to keep an eye on your trading on the go or travelling.
  • Allows you to trade safe in the fact that you’re taking the advice of two truly experienced and successful traders in their field. And if you can only emulate their success in the smallest of manners, then their knowledge could make you very rich indeed…

The Cons

  • Now, for many people, the words, ‘penny stocks’, ‘options’, and ‘swing trading’ will drive fear into the heart of you. And sure, if you enter these shark infested waters without paying due diligence, the you WILL get burned. But that’s the beauty of Daily Profit Planner – you’re not alone. Instead, you’re being gently guided along by two of the best in the business. And this savvy way of trading can equal some very rich rewards indeed…

The Bottom Line

Well… We have to say, we’re impressed… Damn impressed… And actually, we shouldn’t have expected anything less, if we’re honest. After all, when you combine the elements of two hugely successful products from two of the best in the industry, then you really do have the perfect recipe for success.
Daily Profit Planner is going to appeal to many folks out there – those who’re clever enough to know that if you get it right, then penny stocks and swing trades can be a truly legitimate way to bring in regular (and, on occasion, jaw droppingly large) profits. If that sounds like something you might like a piece of, then the dual aspects of Daily Profit Planner really could be right up your street…

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