Dent Network Review (2019) – Are Harry Dent’s Services Worth It?

A ‘Once And For All’ Financial Aid To ALL Of Your Investing Needs – Forever…? And You’ll Never Need Pay A Subscription Fee Again – For The Rest Of Your Life…? This Is Too Good To Believe, Isn’t It…?

dent report reviewWhen it comes to research advisory services, there’s more out there than it’s possible to keep track of. And with more coming to market every day, it can be a massive challenge to ever know if you’re taking the best advice you can when it comes to growing your personal fortune.

So when we came across the Dent Report, and the chance to join ‘The Dent Network’ and its promise of never ending financial advice in every single sector, then we have to say that our interest was piqued. But of course, we’re naturally ever so slightly wary (that’s code for virtually disbelieving beyond belief) that it’s a) any good, and b) that after the initial outlay that you really won’t have to pay anything else – ever…!

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Naturally this meant we had to find out more. And the only way to do this was to dig deep – really deep – into exactly what you get when you sign up to the network that is The Dent Network. And what we found out was pretty damn incredible – but not necessarily in the way that you’d expect it to be…

What do you get for your money with Dent Network?

Now, the first thing to understand is that you get a heck of a lot of stuff when you join the Dent Report network. And each and every product provides you with a separate research advisory or reporting newsletter that you’ll benefit from for life.

It’s a lot, so we’ll be brief about each one (otherwise you’ll still be reading this review a week next Tuesday!)…

  • Rodney Johnson’s Fortune Hunter: This is a brand new trading research service that’s laser targeted to take advantage of unique, often hard to quantify opportunities. In other words, ‘special opportunities’ that present themselves in the form of glitches or hiccups in the market. To make money from such chances, you need true expert advice, and this is what Rodney Johnson specialises in. And it covers any form of investment, be it large caps, penny stock, short term or long term…
  • John Del Vecchio’s Small Cap All-Stars: A small cap stock research service from a man that’s a complete genius at finding rising star investments. Utilizing unique software that Del Vecchio has created using his 20+ years experience to create, you can take full advantage of under the radar profit opportunities of low priced stocks that are set to start their exponential journey to massive profits.
  • The Financial Guide: Spending Waves, The Scientific Key to Predicting Market Behavior for the Next 20 Years: This is a limited edition book by Harry Dent himself, detailing scientifically proven is all about expanding businesses, growing retirement funds, and prospering in ways that, for most, is only possible in their dreams…. This completely updated version is, in Dent’s words, one of the greatest undertakings of his career….
  • The Network: These are the guy’s behind all of the Intel you get when you sign up for the Dent Report. They include market veteran, Rodney Johnson, Dent Researcher’s Chief Investment Strategist, Adam O’Dell, Retirement and Income specialist, Charles Sizemore, and Wall Street insider, Lee Lowell – and that’s just a few of the seven strong team…
  • Boom & Bust: Dent Research’s flagship monthly investment research advisory that, to put it simply, shows you how to follow the safest and surest methods to profit from the predictive power of demographic trends.
  • Secrets of a Seven Figure Trader: From the brilliance of Adam O’Dell, this is a comprehensive online investing master class that’ll teach you the ins and outs of some of the most closely guarded investing secrets you could hope to learn.

  • Cycle 9 Alert: A further advisory that uses a proprietary algorithm that consistently brings huge, triple digit wins….
  • Treasury Profits Accelerator: Lance Gaitan’s proprietary algorithm that takes full advantage of one simple fact… Investors ALWAYS overact! Take that on board, and you can stand to make some serious profits in a short amount of time – usually days…!
  • Instant Income Alert: Possibly the most effective research service ever produced! And that’s no lie…. Because the last time a recommendation from this trading strategy posted a loss was back in 2015…! Since then, every single one has turned a profit. In fact, since 2009 the strategy used has a 96.3% success rate. And that, you have to admit, is nothing short of outrageous…!
  • Peak Income: For reliable, year in, year out, income, this is an incredible service that brings you the lowdown and very real possibility of ensuring steady, long term, double to triple digit profits… But not only that, with a monthly income check on top of that too…!
  • 10X Profits: If you’re into making money whichever way the market is heading, then Adam O’Dell’s service is super focused on giving you the ability to grow your money 10 times over in 5 years or less…
  • Peak Profits: This service is all about big profits with as little risk as possible. Using a unique strategy called VM-10, you receive the top 10 stocks in the market in both value and momentum, each and every month…
  • Hidden Profits: A super valuable monthly newsletter that pinpoints companies that are flying under the Wall Street radar. Companies that are flush with cash and paying out great dividends to their share holders…
  • The Irrational Economic Summit: Your personal invitation to the annual 3 day event held by Dent Research. Free of charge, at whichever time you want to attend. And once you’ve used up your freebie, you can attend as many future ones as you like at a massive 50% discount. And even if you can’t attend you can join in via the live video feed – so watch from the comfort of your own home.
  • Free copies of every new book ever published by Dent Research: Past, present, and future…

In short, you will never, ever again need to pay for an advisory or financial newsletter service, because this is your one stop shop for every single type of trading you can think of.

Who is Dent Network for?

Fed up with having to pay out, year in, year out, for various different research advisories…? Want to get the very best advice from industry experts on each and every method of serious profit-making investments…? Want to be sure that you’re making the very best decisions when it comes to investing your precious cash…? Well, The Dent Network really could be the answer you’ve been searching for. And the best thing is that because it contains so many different services that it can grow with you as your investing needs change and perhaps increase over the years…

Who’s behind The Dent Network?

harry dent reportWell, that’ll be Harry Dent himself. His career spans more than three decades, and he’s the author of eight best selling financial books, including The Demographic Cliff, The Sale of a Lifetime, and The Great Book Ahead. He’s been a Fortune 100 consultant, is a regular on media outlets such as Good Morning America, CNBC, Fox, and PBS, and is simply known as being one of the best guys on the planet at coming up with radical new approaches at forecasting the economy…

The Pros and Cons of Dent Network

The Pros

  • Detailed advisories in every niche you care to think of. From long term wealth building to quick profit grabs, from options to stocks, penny stocks to currency, it’s all covered here.
  • In addition to all that’s listed, you also get lifetime subscriptions to the weekly 5 Day Forecast, the weekly Dent Digest letter, the Monthly Insight Video, the monthly Ahead of the Curve Webinar, and the detailed Quarterly Economic Outlook briefing.
  • If any new services are added in the future, you’ll automatically receive these as well.
  • Your membership lasts forever, and can also be passed down to your children and their heirs as well!

The Cons

  • The biggest downside about the Dent Network is the strictly limited amount of places there are for this incredible offer. 15 in total – and these are sure to get snapped up super fast by those who’re savvy enough to realize what a once in a lifetime deal this really is…

The Bottom Line

Wow! That’s all we can say… Wow! Because never in our wildest dreams have we ever seen such a whole lot of bang for your buck. Sure, we’re used to seeing all the advisories that try to pad out there product with a few extra reports. Maybe even the odd webinar or annual event. But we’ve never seen anything like the Dent Network when it comes to quantity AND quality. In short, this really is the only financial advice service you’ll ever need to buy into – period…!

If you’re serious about making money, then the Dent Network honestly could be your new best friend. And one that gives you an incredible chance of seriously increasing your net worth. Awesome… Just awesome…

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