Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader Review – How’s Adam O’Dell Service?

Become A Millionaire In 5 Years Or Less…! Now, Isn’t That An Attention Grabbing Headline…? But What We’re Interested In Is Exactly How They’re Going To Make It Happen…

secrets of a seven figure trader reviewBecause we have to say, the marketing machine behind Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader certainly know how to grab at your psyche. With promises of being rich, living where you want, taking wonderful vacations, spending time travelling, with family, and work doing something you truly love (or even not working at all…).

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But promises are just words, unless they can be backed up with actions and results. And let’s face it… There’s enough scam trading products out there already. So we wanted to discover if Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader was one of them. If you’re thinking of signing up, then you best read what we’ve uncovered about the program. Because it’s your hard earned cash, and the last thing you need to do is send it so some scam artist with a clever copywriter…

What do you get for your money with Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader?

OK… So Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader is all about following a strategy that can make you a ton of money, following the easy signals provided by the service. The Intel you receive is thanks to the brilliant and successful mind of Adam O’Dell (we’ll talk more about him in a moment). It’s a full on educational course that will fast track you to financial freedom. Importantly, this is about having the ability to identify the most explosive gaining investments out there – in the red hot markets that you’ll soon discover are available for all to invest in, if you only knew where to look.

This powerful program is presented to you in the following format:

  • 7 Online Modules: This is the crux of the program, and includes more than 4 ½ hours of on-demand video. The modules are entitled:
    • Winning the Unfair Game Against Wall Street
    • The Power of Systematic Investing
    • In Green Zone: The Secret to Banking 86% Returns Per Trade
    • How to Tame Your Emotions and Bank More Big Winners
    • Flipping the Switch for 51% Annual Profits
    • Profiting From Bull Markets in Every Corner of the World
    • One Simple Step to Achieving True Financial Freedom
  • Downloadable Transcripts for Each Module: Makes it simplicity itself to follow along each of the session. Many of us learn better when we can take notes, highlight certain points, and learn in the best way that’s personal to us.
  • The Weekly Newsletter: Seven Figure Trader: Each week you get the brand new newsletter from Adam O’Dell. Packed with his personal insights of the hottest sectors of the week, trading tips, market updates, his ‘Green Zone’ stocks, and loads more.
  • Adam’s Personal Email: So you can send him your questions. The most popular will be picked and featured in the weekly newsletter.
  • Stock Pick of the Month: A stock that’s got the amazing opportunity to outperform the market over the next 60-90 days, and bring you amazing profits.
  • Weekly Leaders and Laggards Board: A vital table that will be updated each week to show you the hottest sectors, and the danger sectors.
  • Regularly Scheduled Video Conferences: Regularly scheduled online events and live video conferences where O’Dell will discuss his Green Zone stocks and sectors, the above-mentioned Leaders and Laggards Boards, ETFs, current market trends, his stock pick of the month, and other market news. Also included will be a valuable Q&A session, as well as loads more.
  • Member’s Only Website Access: Where you get lifetime access to all the course modules, archived newsletters, replays of live events, bonus reports, and lots, lots more.

You also receive four special reports: Flipping the Switch for 67% Profits, The Green Zone Gold Mine (The Secret to Banking 86% Returns per Trade), How to Put an Extra $21,000 a Year in your Pocket, and How to Save More Than Half Your Wealth During the Next Market Crash.

Who is Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader for?

Well, if you trade at any level, then Secrets of a Seven Figure Trader really could up the ante on your profit levels. This is trading for those who don’t want to spend hours (and more) per week doing in-depth research, fumbling over charts, projections, and possibilities, and trying to understand why when and where you should be putting your money. Secrets of a Seven Figure Trader provides you with simple to follow instruction, vital education, and the opportunity to have a true finger on the pulse when it comes to having the best advantage in your trading efforts.

In short, if you want to make money, then this is a really good all-round trading product to take advantage of.

Who the heck is Adam O’Dell?

adam O’Dell secrets of a seven figure trader reviewO’Dell is the face behind Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader. Working in a career with a Fortune 500 financial advisory firm during the turmoil years of 2007-2009 certainly taught him a thing or two. And the most valuable lesson he learned was that most such institutions don’t actively manage risk. When this light-bulb moment hit he know that he had to take control of his own personal and financial freedom.

Fast forward to today, and, having followed his own advice, he’s the Chief Investment Strategist at Dent Research, not to mention being the creator of the top-performing trading research services, Cycle 9 Alert and 10X Profits. The man has been developing, testing, and implementing his top preforming trading strategies and proprietary algorithms, and Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader is the culmination of all of his brilliant work. With this program, you too can understand and utilize some of the most life changing wealth programs ever known to man.

The Pros and Cons of Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader

The Pros

  • Give you a Seven Figure Formula that allows you to carry out all your trading needs in less than an hour a week.
  • Gives you the inside, well researched, information you need and the ability to invest in red hot sectors that can provide you with explosive returns on a regular basis.
  • Gives the risk managed opportunities to invest in a Bull market with the skill necessary highly profit. (And yes, there is always a bull market somewhere. It’s having the ability to identify them and the will and strategy to be able to invest and make money from them).
  • A combination product – providing both in-depth (and fun to follow) educational methods along with proprietary trading tools that stack the odds truly in your favor.

The Conssecrets of a seven figure trader moneyback

  • We have to say, the product itself is honest and sound. It’s the advertising that’s not so great. We really don’t understand why such a great offering has to use these headline grabbers to try and get you to sign on the dotted line. Because Secrets of a Seven Figure trader doesn’t need to use these tactics. It’s a genuine product from a brilliant mind. And utilizing such advertising methods simply detracts from its credibility…

The Bottom Line

OK, so you probably get that we HATE the advertising. But putting that to one side, we have to say that everything else about Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader rocks…! And the best thing is that you don’t even need to take our word for it, because it comes with a 30-day, risk free, 100% money back if you’re not completely satisfied.

In short. If you’re looking for an educational trading program that also provides you with a trading tool as well, then Secrets Of A Seven Figure Trader really does tick all the boxes…

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