The American Jubilee Review (2019) – How’s Porter Stansberry’s Book?

Does The Past Really Affect The Future – In Terms Of Your Financial Choices, That Is…? According To The Brains Behind This Explosive New Book, Then Very Much So… The Porter Stansberry Team Talk A Very Good Game Within The Pages, But How Should You Process Such Radical Advice…?

the american jubilee reviewBecause believe us when we say that for many, what you’re gonna receive if you send up for The American Jubilee will go very much against the grain of pretty much everything you’ve ever been told in the past. And the issue with the advice it provides is this…? What proof is there that this really can be a way to ‘future proof’ your family’s whole wealth…?

Now, let’s get one thing very clear right from the start. The whole ‘raison d’etre’ is that by providing you a truly valuable freebie (OK, not free, but virtually so), Porter Stansberry and his team hope you’ll sign up to one of their quality financial research advisory services. And you may well do so – but that’s not the main point here. What we looked at was whether or not The American Jubilee actually has anything to offer. And, more importantly, is the ‘out there’ advice it’s touting is truly valuable – or if it actually poses a massive threat to your own personal wealth.

Read on to discover what our in-depth discovery found out. And please (please!) read it BEFORE you send up for the damn book… Because if we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that when it comes to investing advice, you need to uber-careful about what advice you take on board…

OR if you already have your mind made up, grab your copy of The American Jubilee here.


What do you get for your money with The American Jubilee?

Now, the advertising blurb behind The American Jubilee is leaning very heavily on what it’s calling ‘the next big American crisis’. And sure, it’s volatile times right now, what with our gung ho president, many people drowning in debt, and other events around the world having an effect on our economy.

But let’s put all that to one side, because when it comes to advertising, it’s just noise. What we want to concentrate on is exactly what you can expect to read between the pages of The American Jubilee Book.

So, in short, this is a 266 page hardback copy that goes into detail about all the problems that our beloved country is facing today. The pages are stuffed with detail about how investment works, the benefits, the pitfall, and exactly what you should be buying and what to avoid in order to profit even when financial crashes can wipe out investors. It’s based on the history of such events throughout the years, not only in the US, but round the world, and how you can future-proof your own assets, whatever the future may bring.

For instance, discover:

  • The 50 most dangerous companies in America today: In which to own assets. These include such ‘safe’ names like JP Morgan Chase, Vanguard Group, Wells Fargo, and Zurich Global. The issue being is that they’re utilizing the very same methods that saw so many companies struggle to survive during the 2008 mortgage crisis. But right now they’ve packaged them up into what is known as ‘Asset Backed Securities’, and been sold to hundreds of insurance companies, investment firms, state pension plans, and mutual funds. And this, dear investor, should strike fear into your heart. Because these ‘liar loans’ or bad consumer debt, could cause a financial crisis on a nationwide and global scale. It’s happened before – multiple times – and it WILL happen again. So if you’re not fully safeguarded, then prepare to get burned…
  • What investment sectors to avoid: Get it right, and steer clear of these ‘danger’ sectors, and you can ride the upcoming crisis with real security – and be one of those hallowed people who actually manages to profit in times of chaos…
  • One critical move: That you MUST make in your bank account. So easy and simple to achieve, you’ll be gobsmacked that you didn’t know about it before…
  • What to do with your retirement account: Such as your 401k.
  • The stocks to own: That, when the crisis hits, will not only profit, but are highly likely to bring you extraordinary returns. Quite simply, trust your money into some of the most financially stable companies in the world, and stand to make big when all else around you is going to rat c@*p….!

And that’s just a smidgeon of what you can expect to discover with The American Jubilee. Other amazing learning includes:

  • A unique way of owning US currency: That will soar in value during a financial crisis.
  • Why today’s debts are dangerous: More dangerous than the money owed during the mortgage crisis of 2008
  • The one financial asset: That you need to own to survive the next crisis.
  • The four warning signs: To watch out for that’ll signal to you with unerring clarity that the next financial crisis is imminent.

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Who the heck is Porter Stansberry?

porter stansberry the american jubileeWell, he might not be as ‘famous’ as some of the other financial names out there, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that Stansberry isn’t a very real guru in the world of finance and investing. A couple of decades ago he set up his company, Stansberry Research, with the aim of providing in-depth, expert research and education to savvy folks who wanted to make money from their investments.

And the USP behind Porter’s company? It’s because they’re completely independent. They don’t accept advertising, and they don’t manage money. Because of this the team of experts that now makes up this global team can bring you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to where to invest your cash. Check them out… Today they serve the wise in countries around the world, have offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as the US, and have around 500 top notch employees… And the reason they’re so successful is that they provide very real investment advice that works, pure and simple…!

Who is The American Jubilee for?

Now, you might think that The American Jubilee is a book for those who’ve got a big wedge of cash and/or assets. And yes, it’s certainly suitable in this case. But actually, this is a must-read for each and every American citizen out there – rich or poor, financially savvy or not so much…

The thing is, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to protect what you own. And this is possibly the most explosive read to hit the market in a long, long time, that gives you the very real truth about how our economy works. Not only that, but how what goes on in the big time also has a massive effect on the quality of life of the little guy as well…

The Pros and Cons of The American Jubilee

The Pros:

  • Easy to read, truly fascinating, and perhaps the most up to date, valuable book on everything you need to know about savings and investments.
  • Uses real life examples of how such ‘jubilees’ have occurred over the decades and centuries.
  • Gives you the ability to future-proof your worth, no matter what the financial future might bring.
  • Completely non-biased. And possible one of the only places we’ve read such independent advice.

The Cons:

  • OK, so this is a lead into the other products of Stansberry Research. But rest assured that this really is a one off payment. There’s no need to cancel any subscription, or worry that they’ll take more money from your card. You’re simply signing up to receive The American Jubilee physical book.

The bottom line

Well… What a breath of fresh air! A financial product that is upfront about wanting to upsell you, but not tying you into any commitment. And, most importantly, providing a product that is truly worth owning in its own right…

The American Jubilee is a book that every single American should read – and read soon. Because, let’s face it, who wants to get caught out by the next financial crisis that, according to pretty much every financially savvy person out there, is looming in our very near future. The American Jubilee could be just what you need to prevent you and your family becoming yet another statistic in those who’re sure to lose out. A must read…!

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