Automatic Trading Millionaire Review (2019) – How’s Karim Rahemtulla’s Service?

Low Risk Trading… Instant Income… And Purchase Stocks At Up To 50% Less Than The Official Share Price… Of Course You Want Some Of That – Or Do You…?

automatic trading millionaire reviewBecause let’s be realistic here… When something sounds this good, then we automatically start thinking, ‘What’s the catch?’ After all, research advisory services are ten a penny now, so Automatic Trading Millionaire is really gonna have to step up to the bar to have any chance of impressing us.

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Of course, the only way for us to find out its worth was to jump head first into the complete product. So that’s exactly what we did. And wow! Did we find out some interesting info. If you’re considering signing up, then you want (no, NEED) to read what we found out. After all, it’s not simply the cost of the product you’re risking. It’s your whole financial investing wealth. And that’s not something you should be risking lightly…

What do you get for your money with Automatic Trading Millionaire?

OK, so the headliner for Automatic Trading Millionaire is that ‘You’ll never have to pay full price for a share again’. And this is true, you won’t have to. Because you’re going to be trading in a different way than simply purchasing stocks and waiting for them to rise. Instead it’s a form of Options trading (bear with us), meaning that you win if the stocks fall in value, and you win even bigger if you rise.

Now, before you turn away from the screen, screaming in terror at the word, options, it’s important to understand this. The guy who’s bringing you the expert advice, Karim Rahemtulla, is possibly the most successful in the world at this type of trading. We’ll talk more about him in a mo. But know this… Over the past couple of years, his success rate on closed trades are – wait for it – 100%. Yep, that’s not a typo… The man is successful, each and every time – period…!

So… Let’s look at what you get when you sign up to Automatic Trading Millionaire:

  • The Stock Buyer’s Savings Book: This is your step-by-step guide that tells you exactly how to purchase the biggest name stocks at a huge (really huge) discount. It really is simple. And the great thing is, if you don’t manage to purchase the stock at the discounted price, you actually get paid cash instead. Yep – that’s the god’s honest truth. And this guide will explain all the ins and outs you need to understand to massively succeed at this unique kind of trading.
  • The Automatic Trading Millionaire Bulletins: Regular as clockwork, and direct to your email, you receive brief instructions that explain the stock to target, and the steps to take to receive your massive stock discount.
  • Exclusive Website Access: Get your personal, secure, password protected access to the Automatic Trading Millionaire website where you can see all the open trades, and the closely (and expert) monitoring of them.
  • The ATM Signature Success Series: A seven part video series that will give you the complete lowdown on how to make trades in this unique manner. This is where you’ll learn that this is NOT the risky kind of options trading that will put your precious cash at risk. Instead it’s a little known about method that, if you’re in the know, really can generate large amounts of cash for very little risk whatsoever…
  • VIP Customer Service: The trading research services team are there, at the end of a phone, any time you need clarification on any aspect of your trading.

Of course, you also receive ad-hoc emails as and when Rahemtulla deems extra Intel is necessary for you to be aware of. But you need to be aware that this is an advisory service for those who’re serious about making real cash. And they recommend that you have a stake of $15K or more to get started.

Who is Automatic Trading Millionaire for?

Fancy reducing the time you spend on your trading efforts significantly…? Want to pay less (way less) than the ticker price for your stock purchases…? Fancy drawing in income regularly, fast, and in substantial amounts…? Want to literally automate your trading, and settle back safe in the knowledge that the profits will continue to keep rolling in…? If the answer to any or all of these is a resounding, YES, then Automatic Trading Millionaire might as well have been created specifically with you in mind…

Who the heck is Karim Rahemtulla?

karim rahemtulla automatic trading millionaireRahemtulla is the Options Strategist for The Oxford Club, the parent company behind Automatic Trading Millionaire. And this guy is certainly no fly by night – in fact, he’s pretty much investing royalty. He’s got over two decades of international Options trading experience (and boy is he consistently successful – he was a millionaire since his early 30s…).

He’s the author of the best selling book, Where in the World Should I Invest, and he’s simply one of the go-to people for anyone who’s anyone who wants the very best in investing advice. In short, what he doesn’t know about this specialist type of trading is probably not worth knowing…

The Pros and Cons of Automatic Trading Millionaire

The Pros

  • A simple to follow strategy that will ensure you lock in much bigger profits when a stock rises
  • Never need to pay full price for a stock again.
  • Provides a very substantial safety net against losses
  • Reduce your stress levels in every investing aspect. It will also massively reduce the amount of time you dedicate to your trading efforts, leaving you free to get on with your life (and to enjoy the spoils of your investments)

The Cons

OK, so this won’t be a product for some people (in fact, we’d go as far as to say for most people). You need somewhat of an open mind to trade Options (even this, safe, kind), and you need to understand that the opportunity of some big profits comes with an inherently larger risk. However, the key to managing this is to have an expert on your side who effectively brings this risk factor down as low as is humanly possible. And this is what Automatic Trading Millionaire does for you. It’s trading for the bold, and trading for the high rollers (and those who have aspirations to become one)…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’re gobsmacked. Because, believe us, we’ve come across many other research advisories that have purported to be able to show you how to successfully trade in this lucrative manner. And, up until now, not a single one has managed to truly impress us. But Automatic Trading Millionaire has certainly turned the tables on that… Because this is an awesome product!

Sure, you need to accept the slightly higher risk. And sure, you need to understand that there will be the odd loss here and there. But the important thing to understand that it’s the complete portfolio that counts – and when you look at the numbers as a whole, the big wins way, way outweigh the inconsequential losses. Automatic Trading Millionaire has a 100% success basis on an annual basis. And if you follow the advice given, you could too. If you want to change your financial future, then this honestly could be the vehicle you’ve been searching for…

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