TradeStops Pro Review – How’s the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit Offer?

A Simple System That Predicts The Perfect Day To Buy, And The Perfect Day To Sell, For Maximum Profits…? No Matter Which Way The Markets Move…? Sounds Too Good To Be True, Doesn’t It…?

tradestops pro review… And we all know that when something seems that way, then it probably is… But the saving grace behind the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit and TradeStops Pro is the brains behind them– one Dr. Richard Smith. Now, we’ll talk a little more about him later. But right now it’s the product itself that we want to focus on.

Because, let’s face it, there’s a thousand and one different options when it comes to trading advice. And these range from a small percentage being good, most being mediocre, and the rest being downright dangerous to follow… So we were super keen to find out which category the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit fell into. And, of course, exactly what the product consisted of…

The only way for us to find out was to jump right in and cozy up to exactly what was on offer. So if you’re thinking of buying in, be sure to read what we discovered. Because we’re pretty sure it won’t be what you’re expecting – because it certainly isn’t all it seems… Just remember, a careful investor considers everything they put their money into – and that includes any sort of advice as to where and when to invest… You’ve been warned…!

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What do you get for your money?

OK, so let’s make one thing very clear right from the start. The 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit is not simply a summit. Sure, you get the copy of all the expert advice provided in the summit. But pure and simple, this is a hook to get you to buy into the products of the research advisory service TradeStops Pro. But not only that, you also receive multiple other advisory services, each of which sell in their own right. So the USP behind buying into the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit is that you get a whole lot of trading advice for a much reduced price.

So let’s look in detail at exactly what you’re going to receive:

  • The Official 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit Re-Cap: This report covers everything that was discussed in the summit itself. The expert panel went into deep detail about what the year has to hold for investors. This is, we have to say, an excellent report to have. And having it in this version makes it simplicity itself to go back over at your leisure. Because, in all honesty, you can never retain all the information from a face to face (or webinar) where you’re trying to take notes from all the experts. So this is a great resource to have.
  • 2 Years of TradeStops Pro: This is the crux of the product. And it’s an expertly created software system that mathematically shows you, as an investor, the exact time to buy and sell your stocks for the most profit. It does away with any kind of guesswork as to whether you should wait another day, or even hours, before you make your move. And the software works with pretty much anything you want to trade – stocks, cryptocurrecies, and virtually every kind of asset imaginable.
  • 1 Year’s Access to Ideas by TradeSmith: Includes training videos, a ‘market health dashboard’, value strategies, a proprietary options selection tool, newsletter filter, stock finders… The list is enormous, as you’d expect from a product that sells for thousands in its own right…! Covers new investment ideas in all areas of the market, and uses some unique and cutting edge software that you won’t find anywhere else…
  • 1 Year’s Access to True Wealth: By expert, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, this separate advisory service includes regular newsletters, training videos, and a ‘melt up’ portfolio of stock ideas that are poised to double in value over the next 12 months.
  • 1 Year’s Access to The Oxford Communique: By chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, Alexander Green, this includes a monthly newsletter and weekly portfolio updates about all the open plays. Covers every cutting edge industry you can think of, including gaming tech, VR, robotics, smartphones, AI, E-commerce, and more…
  • 1 Year’s Access to Extreme Value: The monthly advisory of Dan Ferris. Focuses on safe, truly profitable stocks that are trading at steep discounts.
  • 3 Stocks Poised For Growth: The ins and outs of the 3 stocks discussed in the Bulls and Bears Poised for Growth 2019. Here you get everything you need to know about these 3 specifics that the expert TradeStops panel has identified as having massive potential in the following 12 months. Includes all the Intel behind why you should invest in them, and how you can use the TradeStops software to know the exact moment as to when to buy, and when to sell for maximum profit…

Who is TradeStops Pro & All The Bonuses for?

This is a service for the intelligent investor who want to take full advantage of such a system to increase their potential profits. If you understand that the key to making money through investing is to seriously manage the risk factor, and to remove emotion from the picture, then you’re just the kind of person who can benefit from the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit and TradeStops.

In addition, the systems brought to you in the different advisories can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on your trading efforts, making them the perfect tools for the busy person who’s perhaps working full time. Or indeed anyone who want’s to up the ante on their investing income, and not have to spend hours staring at their computer screen deciding the exact time to make their play…

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Who the heck is Dr. Richard Smith of TradeStops Pro?

Dr Richard Smith TradeStops ProThe guy is, in short, a trading genius…! And probably the perfect guy to have created such a system. He’s a U.C. Berkeley mathematician and Ph.D. And he’s a true expert in mathematical theories of uncertainty – something that’s way, way beyond mere mortals like us…! However, you can be super sure that it’s this unique mind that makes the algorithms his system uses so powerful. It took the guy over a decade to perfect his system. And now, through TradeStops, he brings it to you to lower your trading risk by an incredible amount, and literally be able to master the market for pure profit…

But it’s not only him, because you’re also taking full advantage of the other genius trading minds behind the other advisory services. This really is a unique product, because it brings you an almighty influx of information and advice from some of the greatest traders out there today…

The Pros & Cons of TradeStops Pro

The Pros

  • You receive a massive amount of Intel from the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit, TradeStops Pro and the associated included research products. Each is unique in its own right, meaning you get the incredible opportunity to pick and choose the cream of the crop from each included service.
  • Together the advisory products cover pretty much every aspect of trading you can think of. From stocks to options, cryptos to new tech – you get the best advice from those who specialize in each area.
  • Provides the advice you need to profit, no matter whether it’s a bull or bear market.
  • Comes with a no quibble, 30 day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Cons

  • OK, so the biggest ‘con’ has to be the cost. Because it’s not cheap…! However, when put in perspective, this will probably be offset in the first few weeks of trading, when it comes to the time the programs and research will save you, not to mention the lowered risk factors and the amount you’re likely to gain from your trades.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we were pleasantly surprised when we got down and dirty with the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit and all the associated products. The thing with research advisories is that it can be a massive challenge to know if they’re actually any good. But with this we can honestly say that you really do get a whole load of bang for your buck.

Because you’ve getting the expertise of not one, but five true experts in their fields… And the 2019 Bull vs. Bear Summit itself is certainly worth watching or reading. Because it really does set you up for the year ahead. Combine that with the knowledge you gain from all of the research services and this honestly could be the year that you truly change your financial worth. A fantastic product, and one that we have no hesitation in recommending…

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