The Rich Life Letter Review – Is It Right For You?

So, How About A Monthly Letter That Shows You Alternative Ways To Get Rich…?  Sure – Sound’s Great.  But Is This One Really Any Different To Other, Similar Sounding Products Out There…?  We’re Gonna Take Some Convincing…

the rich life letter reviewLet’s face it, making your money work for you right now is somewhat challenging.  Interest rates are – to put it succinctly – pants!  Blue chips and the like don’t offer much better rewards, and getting your foot in the door to invest in a viable start up is, generally, only available for those who’re already rich enough in the first place.

So when we came across The Rich Life Letter, a product created by Nilus Mattive that promises you the insider info you need to truly create the retirement fund you deserve, we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow.

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But we have to say, Mattive knows his stuff (we’ll talk more about him in a moment).  So if you’re thinking of buying into the advisory service that is The Rich Life Letter, you’re probably going to want to discover a little more about it.

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you, getting right to the crux of what The Rich Life Letter is really all about.  So before you spend a single dime, take a few minutes to read our discoveries.  We think you’ll be mighty glad you did…

What do you get for your money with The Rich Life Letter?

OK, so The Rich Life Letter is bringing itself to people’s attention by a free report it calls, Trump’s New Social Security.  Then, when it’s reeled you in, they give you another free report called, Wall Street’s Instant Cash Machine.  And whilst these are very interesting, they’re not the product you’re getting when you send up for them.Well, you are, and you actually get another couple of free reports as well – both ways to show you how to make what could well be a worthwhile piece of cash.

But these are NOT the product.  What you’re actually buying into is The Rich Life Letter – and boy, this really doesn’t need anything to tempt you into it.

And the reason why is this.  The Rich Life Letter alone will give you access to some vastly superior methods of making a real and sustained income that will build your retirement fund to the level you deserve.  And as a hard working US citizen, that deserves to be a fair amount, wouldn’t you say?

So when you sign up this is what you get:

  • 12 Months Subscription to The Rich Life Letter: Once a month, you’ll receive Nilus Mattive’s personal recommendations for cutting edge ways for everyday investors – just like you and me – to make vastly higher gains on their money than they could in virtually any other regular investment avenue.
  • Getting Rich off Wall Street’s Pre-IPO Market: An incredible report that shows you how you – yes, you, with no insider info to Wall Street whatsoever – can cut a piece of the action from some of the best deals that it normally keeps for itself.  Totally legal – just by exploiting a loophole…
  • Trumps New Social Security: A report on a little known way that Trump’s government has made it possible for people to claim over and above regular social security.  But you need to move fast.
  • The Baby Boomer’s 12% Bank Account: Yes, you really can earn 12% interest – just read this detailed report to find out how.
  • Wall Street’s Instant Cash Machine: A report that shows you a way to generate hundreds more in income every month.

But make no mistake, the crux of the product is the subscription to The Rich Life Letter.  Nilus Mattive has made a hugely successful career out of advising people of little known opportunities to invest and make BIG profits.  It’s all a case of knowing where to put your money.

And this guy has helped people to make millions!  Hundreds and thousands of millions over his career.  And now you too can take advantage of his expertise.

Who the heck is Nilus Mattive?

nilus mattiveSo, Nilus Mattive is perhaps best known for his book, The New Investor. He’s also been a regular contributor to Market Watch, Fox News, Business Week, and Standard & Poor.  He’s also employed by the largest independent financial research group on the planet.  His whole career has been to spot new income strategies – and he’s done this with incredible success over the past two decades.

Who is The Rich Life Letter for?

The Rich Life Letter is certainly one for the regular guy on the street.  If you’ve got a little money that you want to invest, and you want to see your retirement pot grow substantially, then you need to invest in alternative ways.  In fact, you owe it to yourself and your family to be savvy with your money – it’s all about the future, after all!

If you want to be in on opportunities such as Facebook (before it exploded), Google, Airbnb, Microsoft and the like – AT GROUND LEVEL WITH THE OPPORTUNITY OF TRULY MAKING IT BIG – then The Rich Life Letter provides a very real way of alerting you to such opportunities.

The Pros and Cons of The Rich Life Letter

The Pros

  • The Rich Life Letter provides the regular person with likely investment opportunities that only the very rich are usually made privy to.
  • Nilus Mattive, the guy who makes the recommendations, is truly one of the gurus of his trade. He’s made a lot of people a heck of a lot of money over the years – and now, thanks to The Rich Life Letter, he can do the same for you.
  • You get some great free reports that you can use immediately to start working some extra income – easily and without risk.
  • Nilus Mattive is so confident that you’ll make money through his recommendations that he’s offering a 365-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest con will be if you let this opportunity pass you by. Because you can be sure many will, and they’ll never know if it could’ve been the best thing they ever bought into.  Because, hey!  You’ve gotta be in it, to win it – haven’t you…?

The Bottom Linethe rich life letter guarantee

D’you know, when we came across The Rich Letter we were truly cynical.  There’s a couple of other similar sounding products on the market, and we’ve compared the quality of these to this one from Nilus Mattive.  And we have to say, this guy certainly knows his stuff…!  But hey, you don’t end up with a two-decade career scouting out investment opportunities for the richest and most cut-throat in the business without proving yourself a massive success.

So, you might not have heard of Mattive – yet – but this is the guy who could well change your investment fortune around.  If you want to ensure your retirement fund is at the level you need it to be, then signing up to The Rich Life Letter could be the best move you ever make…

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