Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader Review – What’s The Deal?

So, What Makes Ray Blanco’s Trading Advisory Service Any Better (Or Worse!) Than The Gazillions Of Others Out There…? That’s the $64 Million Dollar Question…

ray blancos fda trader review… But even more importantly, is it actually worth spending your money on…? The thing is, it seems that everyone who’s got even an iota of success in trading the markets seems to have brought out such a service. So how on earth are mere mortals like us meant to work out the good from the average, and the average from the next to useless…?

Well, we’ve made it our mission to find out. Cue an in-depth voyage into everything that’s on offer from Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader. And you can then take what we’ve found out to decide whether or not it might suit your needs. Because the thing is with such services, if they’re bad you don’t only waste your purchase price, but you potentially put your other wealth at risk as well, if you follow poor advice.

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So if you’re thinking of buying into Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader, be sure to read what we discovered. Because although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for mighty interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader?

OK, so the crux of the product is the advisory service. And this is mainly focusing on the world of drugs, medical breakthroughs, and medical tech. But there’s a whole host of other stuff as well, so let’s break it down to the individual components:

  • FDA Trader Weekly Money Making Insights: This is the weekly communiqués provided to you on a weekly basis via email. These are full of money making insights, Intel from Big Pharma, and some great information about small companies (and large) on the cusp of a major breakthrough, deal, or FDA approval. You’ll get the whole backstory on any stock that’s recommended, the ticker symbol, target price, long and short term profit projections, and profit taking instructions.
  • FDA Trader Ongoing Model Portfolio: Access to this so you can track how all of the open trades are performing.
  • The FDA Magic Calendar: This unique aspect of the service gives you the action dates of the FDA for upcoming company, drug, and services that are about to get green lighted. Constantly updated, you’ll get every key milestone date, the corresponding ticker symbol, and you’ll get them a minimum of 6 weeks before the FDA’s decision date. This means you really will be one step ahead of any new drug or product that’s about to make waves (and mega profits).
  • Special Report – The Golden Pill’s Conquest of the $01 Billion Cardio Market: This is an in-depth report into everything you need to know about a little ‘golden pill’ that’s about to get FDA approval. It reduces cholesterol and has a massively positive effect on all kinds of cardiovascular issues. This is a truly exciting opportunity and one you need to act on right now for maximum profit.
  • Special Report 11 Legal Tricks to Block the IRS from Touching Your Wealth: Needs no more explanation, wouldn’t you say…?
  • Special Report – How to Spend Your First Million Dollars; Now, you might not think you need any help with this, but believe us, this is a truly valuable insight into how to make your profits reap further and more massive rewards.

Who is Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader for?

This is an advisory service for anyone who truly understands how much money can be made from the drug industry, if only you could get in at ground level. Sure, it comes with a level of risk, but this risk is as low as it can possibly be for such large potential gains.

And because you get all the information you need to place your trades, then it’s suitable for the novice trader, as well as those that perhaps have a few more miles under their belt.

Who the heck is Ray Blanco?

ray blanco fda traderOK, so this is guy who certainly knows his stuff, especially in the medical, biotech, and genomics field. He’s a true expert, and has proven his trading advice works over and over again. He used to work for the country’s most successful private wealth management firms, overseeing over $30 billion in assets…

He joined Agora Financial in 2009, and is the editor of this, and a few other uber-successful advisory services. Suffice to say, when it comes to such offerings, he’s one of the world’s best…  One of his other top services is Technology Profits Confidential and Penny Pot Profits.

The Pros and Cons of Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader

The Pros

  • This is about making very real, explosive profits, in the medical vein thanks to being in the right place at the right time. This lowers your risk, whilst increasing the potential for massive gains.
  • Every single trading advice comes with the complete backstory, research, and due diligence necessary for you to fully understand the company you’re buying into.
  • Does away with the need to spend hours doing your own research. Instead you can trust that it’s all been carried out by experts and provided to you in simple to understand format.
  • Comes with an ironclad money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase.

The Cons

  • Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader is wholly focused on the medical industry. However, this encompasses far more than just drugs, it also includes biotech, genomics, and anything that’s even the vaguest bit connected to medicine.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that despite our initial cynicism, we’re delightfully surprised with what we’ve discovered. Because if you’re interested in investing for very real profits in the field of drugs and medicine, then we don’t think you could find better than Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader.

Of course, do a bit more of your own research. But we have to admit that we’ve been totally unable to find anything detrimental about this service. And for the regular guy on the street (and that’s us, as well as you), getting such insider information is virtually impossible. Unless, that is, you already have a million dollar fortune and the means to purchase such advice…

Ray Blanco is a trusted, proven trader who’s already making people around the world richer through his trading advice. So if you want into the drug and medical field, then Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader could be the very vehicle to take you there. In a nutshell, we love it…

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