Seven Figure Signals Review – Is Greg Guenthner’s System Good?

Oh No…! Not Another ‘Life Changing’ Opportunity For Your Trading Profits, Thanks To An Amazing Breakthrough That No-One In The World Of Trading Has Ever Utilized Before… Yawn… Haven’t We Heard This A Million Times Before…?

seven figure signals review

… So why on earth should we believe that Seven Figure Signals can offer us anything new whatsoever…? Let’s face it, the advertising machine that tries to persuade us to buy into the latest research advisory service has to constantly think up different ways to tempt us in. And on first read, Seven Figure Signals might sound like a viable option.

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But of course, it’s a case of ‘buyer beware’. And we are, as always, totally on the side of the buyer. So if you’re thinking of sending these clever wordsmiths your hard earned cash, then please (please!) give us a couple of minutes of your time to read the results of our in-depth investigation into exactly what you get for your money. Because even though we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for mighty interesting reading indeed…

What do you get for your money with Seven Figure Signals?

So, in short, Seven Figure Signals is a trading research advisory that utilizes a proprietary system to root out what they call, ‘whisper’ stocks. Now these are tiny little anomalies (or whispers) that indicate that a company is about to show massive gains. But it shows this BEFORE the news hits the mainstream (or even the insiders on Wall Street).

The reason behind it is thanks to the wonders of the Internet. You see, when people who are close to a company are excited that something is about to take place, of course there is evidence via the the World Wide Web (social media, emails etc). Now, that’s a truly simplified explanation of how this advisory works, but it gives you the gist behind the technical stuff. Now, thanks to this, an incredible system has been patented to take advantage of these whispers, and allows those who use it to have the incredible opportunity to truly up the ante in their trading.

When you sign up, this is what you receive:

  • The Whisper Trades Handbook: This is your go-to bible that will explain everything you need to know about whisper trades. Learn how the system works, and why it works. In short, this is the book that’ll bring you the confidence you need to trust in the whisper software. And remember, this is the only place in the world that you can get access to this incredible new method of trading. One thing that’s truly amazing is that this could well make every other trading strategy totally obsolete..! Now that, is something your really need to get in on, if you’re serious about making money on your trades…
  • The Whisper Trade Buy Alerts: These come directly to your inbox (and/or cell phone) as soon as the system flags up a potential trade. You’ll get all the information you need to make the trade. So no matter if you’re a trading veteran or a complete rookie, you’ll have easy step-by-step instructions to walk you through your next moves.
  • The Whisper Trade Sell Alerts: And of course, as and when you need to sell and take your profits, then you’ll receive the alert that walks you through the process.

And that’s it! Simple and easy – with no bullC$*@p that’s only included to make your product look better than it is. Because with Seven Figure Signals, the whole thing you’re buying into is this unique proprietary signal system that gives you the inside story on the companies that have a massive potential to bring you the profits that can truly be yours…

Oh – and there’s another added bonus. And that’s that the system works no matter what the markets are doing. So when the market crashes (as it will at some point), you can rest assured that you’ll be following one of the only options to you that’ll ensure you continue to make money (and in many cases, make more money in such a period of volatility).

Who is Seven Figure Signals for?

Well, if you truly want to make money from you trading efforts, and are prepared to think a little outside the box, then Seven Figure Signals could well be the vest advisory you’ve ever come across. And it doesn’t matter how experienced you are at trading. Because this amazing system works for everyone – from novice to expert.

Plus the fact that it’s perfect for anyone who wants to make quick gains, and not have to tie their dollars up for extended periods of times. This is for those who want to ensure they make the largest gains the market can offer, in the shortest amount of time. And to do so whatever state the markets are in…

The editor of Seven Figure Signals, Greg Guenthner is also the editor of Seven Figure Formula .

How big could the gains really be?

To be truly honest, the world is your oyster! We’re talking real gains of 131%, 482%, 111%, 650%, and more. And these are real figures taken from the profits already gained using the Seven Figure Signals system. And the returns are fast – real fast. Because it’s all about making your play just before the news hits the market, and raking in the spoils that it brings you in just a few days or weeks.

The Pros and Cons of Seven Figure Signals 

The Pros

  • Can bring in massive profits in a very short amount of time. No need to tie your money up for weeks, months, or even years.
  • A completely unique method of trading. Seven Figure Signals is the only research advisory that has this patented proprietary system.
  • Easy to use – you get an alert when to buy, and another when to sell.
  • Works for any level of trader, from the novice to the most advanced.

The Cons

  • OK, people… A little reality check here. And that’s that this is a slightly higher risk method of trading – speculation always is. But the key point to understand is that using the Seven Figure Signals system brings the risk level down as low as is possible. If you’re looking for a method to make big (life changing) gains, without the high risk or complications offered by other avenues, then this little baby could well be your favorite new bed fellow…

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We have to say that we definitely weren’t expecting to be complimentary about Seven Figure Signals. In fact, when we first came across it, we were highly damn cynical…! But boy-oh-boy, we were completely wrong…!

Because this is a totally different method of trading. In fact, this is your opportunity to utilize a system that’s never been seen before – it’s a world first…! But if you want in, then you need to be quick – because there’s only a mere 50 places up for grabs. So if you want to be in with the big winners, then you need to move fast. Because when it comes to profits, Seven Figure Signals really does have the chance to make some very rich people indeed. Awesome – that’s all we can say about it – awesome…!

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