Prime System Trader Review – How’s Matthew Carr’s Service?

A System Where You Buy Shares At A Company’s Low Point, Hold On For A Few Months, And The Sell After A Big Increase In Value…? Well Yeah…! Of Course We’d All Like Some Of That…

prime system trader reviewBut hey…! If anyone could truly give us that level of information, then they certainly wouldn’t need to be selling us research advisories now, would they…? So when we came across Matthew Carr’s, Prime System Trader, a service that promises us exactly that, well… We have to say that we were immediately cynical that it could actually deliver on its promises…

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However… The guy does have somewhat of an awesome track record. And surely (surely!) he wouldn’t risk his reputation on flogging a service that wasn’t the real deal…? But then again, we’ve seen many who will sell out for just such a short term gain (sad to say).

So the only way for us to find out the truth was to get down and dirty with exactly what’s on offer. And if you’re thinking that this looks like a viable service for your trading needs, then boy oh boy do you need to read what we found out. ‘Cos you’re in this to make money, right? Not send your hard earned cash to some outdated has-been who’s just trying to increase their own retirement fund

What do you get for your money with Prime System Trader?

OK, so Prime System Trader is based on the undeniable fact that with most companies their profits ebb and flow. In fact, pretty much every company you can think of has strong periods – or prime periods – and ones when their profits fall. And – naturally – so does the share price. And this is the crucial aspect that Prime System Trader takes advantage of – buy at the low time, and sell in the prime.

In a nutshell, the Prime System tracks both a company’s equity share price AND the company’s earnings. It does this because the two are very often closely related. The system itself has several components:

  • The Average Monthly Gain Charts: Put simply, how much the shares fall and rise on average, each month.
  • The Monthly Probability Heat Map: How often the shares rise and fall within a given month.
  • The Quarterly Revenue Trends: This is where you will see an uneven, or ‘sawtooth’ pattern of crests and troughs. It’s a volatile sequence.
  • The Q2Q Portion: Looking at the forward guidance a company has given for every quarter, and then what they actually reported. And, of course, how the shares respond.

Together this gives an unerringly accurate insight into the exact trend a company is following. And therefore, if you invest at the right time (at the dip of a trough) and sell at the crest of the ‘saw tooth’, you stand to make a tidy profit.

And of course, you’re provided with weekly comms from Matthew Carr, looking at the open state of plays, new buy options, and, naturally, urgent buy and sell messages when a play needs moving on.

Who the heck is Matthew Carr?

matthew carr prime system traderCarr is the brilliance behind Prime System Trader, and wow is he well placed to do so. He’s a short term trading specialist whose professional focus was within the energy sector – you know, natural gas, crude, LNG etc… He’s also an expert in business-to-business credit and international trade finance (Google him – the man needs no introduction, that’s for sure…). The thing is, this sector is well known for its cyclical trends – and he learned exactly how to take advantage of them.

But with Prime System Trader he’s taken this one step further, and applied it to a much larger universe of companies, such as transportation, tech, retail, etc…  And once you have a system that can chart these….? Well, prepare to be amazed, because once you learn his unique system, you’re literally giving yourself a license to print money…

Who is Prime System Trader for?

This would suit anyone who doesn’t want to have to dedicate countless hours (days!) each and every month on their trading… Because what Prime System Trader effectively does is manage all the research for you, providing reliable Intel on the companies that offer a very high chance of bringing you in handsome profits in a short amount of time (typically weeks to months).

It’s suitable for both the rookie and the more advanced trader, as you’re given step by step instructions as to exactly when to buy and sell. It’s also the perfect vehicle for those who want to increase their own investing knowledge, as it’s really quite simple to understand how the system targets the companies, thanks to their regular annual cycles.

The Pros and Cons of Prime System Trader

The Pros:

  • Massively reduces risk. In fact, using the Prime System Trader effectively halves the amount of risk you’d expect to be the norm in this type of speculative trade.
  • Realistically expect to make three to six times the average monthly return.
  • Easy to follow and run even if you’re working a full time J.O.B. Around 10 Prime System plays are open at one time, so it doesn’t become too unwieldy to manage.
  • Short term, high value income. No need to tie your money up for years on end.

The Cons:

  • OK… So when you need to make a move, it needs to be done fast. Miss out on your timings, and you risk having to wait until the next peak occurs to be able to take a profit.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? We really weren’t expecting to be impressed by Prime System Trader. But despite our highly cynical attitude towards it, the program really did turn us around. The thing that impressed us the most is that it works no matter what the market is doing – in fact, it works best during negative and volatile times, bull or bear, you’ll continue to draw in profit using Prime System Trader.

For anyone who’s got a strong stomach and a cool head, then Matthew Carr’s Prime System Trader could well be the research advisory you’ve been searching for.

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