Options Profit Mastery Review – Can Bill Poulos Teach You How To Succeed?

Trading options can be an exciting adventure. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money, but there is a lot of potential to lose that money as well. If you want to trade options, or if you are currently trading options, then you have two choices going forward. You can learn from your success and failures, which can be a costly option. Or, you can learn from people who have already learned from their success and failures, and you can instantly understand what took them years to figure out. Education equals power, so it is important to take advantage of it when you can.


There problem is there are a lot of lies and misinformation out there about trading options, but Bill Poulos shoots straight from the hip when it comes to giving you proven and realistic principles that you can implement. This is why he is not only a successful trader, but also a respected trading expert. His trading courses have helped beginners and experts find success, and the Options Profit Mastery program is set to be another one of those valuable tools that is going to help a lot of people.  As of now, our top recommended options program can be found here, Options Rocket.

What Do You Get with Options Profit Mastery?

Inside you will find 12 strategies that can help you save money, make money, and find more success. Each one will help you find profit in different market conditions. When you combine them all, you get the skills that most traders don’t have. Strategies include:

  • Straddles
  • Protective Put Options
  • Directional Trading With Call Options
  • Direction Trading With Put Options
  • Covered Call Options
  • Vertical Credit Spreads
  • Vertical Debit Spreads
  • Butterfly Spreads
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Condor Spreads
  • Iron Butterfly Spreads
  • Strangles

You get instant access to all of the strategy training inside. This is because the entire program is digital. You can watch a video or download the manual – or do both.

Besides the training, you also get 1-year access to a software that helps you save time while trading. It uses the 12 strategies that you will learn, discovers good trading candidates after the markets close, and displays them with the strategies that you can use. You can get alerts set up to your email or phone, or you can just check the software in the morning to see what new trading opportunities there are available for you. You can use this software on your home computer, tablet, or phone.

You will also get full access to the Options Profit Mastery member’s site. This is where you will find any bonuses or updates to the program, and you will be able to get support through email or live chat in this area as well. As most of us know, support can be an issue with many services, but you will find a full-time support team, all professional traders, who are willing to help you no matter what the question or concern is.

Plus, as a bonus, you will get 8 group coaching sessions that will help eliminate any questions you have. This is essentially a once-a-week webinar between you, other members, and an expert. It will help you successfully use the program by going over the software, concepts, or anything else you want.

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Two Bonus Training Modules

1. Basic Options Fundamentals – If you are new to trading options, this is going to be a valuable bonus for you. It will help you understand the lingo and concepts of options trading.

2. A Deeper Dive – Get clear on concepts that are often misunderstood, even by experienced traders.

Who Is Options Profit Mastery For?

If you are just starting out, and don’t have a lot of money to play with, then you will want to use your money in the safest way possible. That’s what the Options Profit Mastery program can help you do. It will teach you the strategies to make the most out of your money.

But even experienced traders will benefit from this education. The more knowledge and strategies you have under your belt, the easier it becomes to make decisions with your money and have more success. Since this education is coming from a trusted expert, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to learn something that could potentially increase your profits.

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About The Author

Bill Poulos Forex reviewsBill Poulos is a well-known expert in trading. He started trading in 1974 and his experience and dedication to excelling in trading is what makes him such a valuable mentor to turn towards. He is dedicated to providing education and training with straight-forward and realistic lessons. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He doesn’t make things seem easier than they are. He just gives you the knowledge you need to succeed.

The Pros and Cons of Options Profit Mastery

The Pros

  • Potential to make bigger profits using strategies
  • Trading strategies are taught by an expert with 40 years’ experience
  • Bonuses help you understand the fundamentals of options trading
  • Implement everything you learn instantly to help you succeed where you may have otherwise failed
  • Software finds you good trading opportunities and saves you time
  • Get alerts to your email or phone to help save even more time
  • As long as you have Internet, you can access this information
  • Full-time support team of professional traders
  • 60-day money back guarantee in place

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The Cons

  • Losses will still occur as they are a part of tradingmoney back guarantee
  • Results from training can vary
  • Education cost may be too high for some people

The Bottom Line

Bill says you are going to be blown away by the Options Profit Mastery training and probably won’t need any other options training for the rest of your life. If you think about it, even if he is exaggerating a little (which he doesn’t believe he is), then you are at least going to be impressed with the information found inside and able to improve your profit potential from it, and that is totally worth the price for the education.

The bottom line is that if you want to trade options, then you will learn what is realistically possible for you to achieve and how you can make the most out of your efforts to make the most profit possible. Whether you are a beginner in trading options or an expert, that should excite you! This is one of those opportunities that you will want to take advantage of.

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