Night Trader Review – Is Chris Johnson Legit or Not?

night trader review

Have you ever thought of being a nocturnal investor? This is the ability to mine money when the rest of the world is profoundly asleep. Night Trader gives you this rare opportunity to do so. The system spares you from the struggles that come with daytime business activities where you have to compete with millions of other investors. Night Trader guarantees users impressive returns. In fact, it is more than what you could get when sitting in front of your computer from 9 am to 5 pm.

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What you get with The Night Trader?

The trading system is divided into four video series, which give you powerful lessons that you can use to multiply your fortunes. Let’s highlight what you should expect from each video.

  1. The Transformation: Here, you will learn new strategies that you can use to approach the stock market.
  2. The Command Grid: The author explains how the command grill works and how it can help you earn profits and at the same time stay safe.
  3. The power of Night Trade: You will learn how to use fail-safe switches and identify high-performing stocks.
  4. Money Multiplier: This video summarizes on how you can use Money Trader to increase your fortunes.

About the Creator Chris Johnson

chris johnson night traderNight Trader was authored by Chris Johnson. Chris is a ‘quant guru.’ He is a specialized quantitative and equity analyst who has a 30-year experience in building, analyzing and interpreting different types of models for investment firms. He is ranked among the best investing experts in America, and this is one of the reasons why his work always attracts the attention of prospective investors. His publications have been featured in different business magazines such as CNBC and The Wall Street Journal. He is also a stockbroker and spent three decades on the Wall Street. This means that he has mastered all the tricks that are needed when investing in Wall Street.

Features of Night Trader

Here are the distinct features that characterize the Night Trader and the impact that they have in this trading system.

    • Fully Automated When it comes to trading, everyone is always on the lookout for that critical data that will trigger a vital investment decision. However, getting this information has never been a rosy affair. You may always be forced to stay alert and wait for updates. Night Trader makes the process easier because it is automatic.The system has the capability of going live whenever there is a major event that you can capitalize to earn substantial profit margins. It not only helps you to capitalize on the rare opportunities, but also helps you to save money. This is because you won’t invest a penny in non-profitable events.The automation of the system doesn’t stop there. Night Trader is capable of closing automatically once you have reached a specific milestone. Yours is to set the goal that you intend to achieve in a particular trading session. In addition to that, all the winnings are automatically disbursed to your account. You don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of placing requests.

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  • Safe-Fail signal detection system Stock trading can be a risky and unpredictable affair. You are not sure of what will happen next. Therefore, you need something that will keep you on the tabs of what will happen tomorrow and days after. Night Trader eases things by using its safe-fail detection system. This is done through the Command Grid, which is capable of analyzing how the stock has performed and predicts the following day’s performance.According to Night Trader, the command system is 98% accurate, hence you can trust it for accurate predictions. Through the system, you can hold your stock as the price and sell it at the right time before the price starts going down. It is programmed to close when the signals start showing hints of a bleak future. This can happen when the stock starts performing poorly. In other words, Night Trader is optimized for profitability.
  • Timing Analysis Still, through the help of Command Green, the Night Trader makes a correlation between time and price. From this analysis, you can decide on whether to continue investing or come up with an exit strategy.
  • Turbo Stock The trading system is designed to help you trade in high-performing stocks only thereby protecting you from the ones that lag behind. It is a fact that in stock trading, there are companies that project false signals. They appear to be lucrative investment options yet in the real sense; they are far from becoming one. With such companies, everything may look good at the beginning, but after some time, their prices start hitting the floor.

Night Trader is capable of identifying such stocks and protects you from putting your money in them. Instead, it ensures that you deal with stocks that will turbo-boost your earnings.

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The Pros and Cons of The Night Trader


  • Accuracy: The trading system can analyze data accurately and give you accurate signals regarding the performance of the stock market. The data generated by the system is reliable.
  • Fully automated: Night Trader is a fully automated system. This gives you the ultimate convenience of trading without having to monitor the latest events manually.
  • Rarely affected by new releases and swings: Night Trader is a stable trading system, meaning that it is least influenced by the various determinants such as price fluctuations.
  • Massive returns (*Individual results may vary): The ability to utilize Fail-Safe switches and Command Grid helps investors earn great profit margins from their investments. You can amass immense wealth within a short time.
  • Helps users to come up with a smart, safe and effective exit strategy.
  • Freedom: The program does not pin you down to your desk. You only need to spare a few hours and still earn impressive returns. It is very flexible, and you can use it anywhere and anytime.


  • Huge risks involved: As much as you stand to gain big from the system, there are huge risks involved. The good news is that the system is designed to mitigate some risks and help you come out safely.
  • For some the initial investment maybe too large.
  • To some the money back guarantee may be tough to swallow.  In our opinion though, we believe it is fair and protects Chris from dishonest people.

Who is the The Night Trader for?

Do you want to be wealthy without being strict with your daily routine? Then you are the right candidate for the Night Trader. It is a perfect trading system for stock traders who are already aware of the risks that come with such investments, but wouldn’t want to spend their whole day on their computers.

Bottom line

Is Night Trader safe? Given that it is a product from an experienced Wall Street guru, there are no reasons for having doubts about the system. It has been proven to bring immense success as long as you are aware of the risks associated with the investment.

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