Fessler’s Flash Profits Review (2019) – How’s David Fessler’s Research Advisory?

Another Day, Another Research Advisory… How On Earth Can The Average Person Sort The Wheat From The Chaff, The Good From The Bad…? Because, Let’s Be Honest Here – Your Choice Of Advisory Service Is Very, Very Important… Get It Wrong, And You Stand To Lose Way, Way More Than Just The Purchase Price…

fesslers flash profits review

And it’s this very fact that makes these products so damn dangerous. Because they can dress up their advertising as much as they want. But if the advice given is poor, then you stand to lose big time if their ‘experts’ get it wrong. And boy have we seen way too many cases when they cock it up on a truly grand scale!

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However, the one saving grace for Fessler’s Flash Profits is that it comes from a reputable source – The Oxford Club. But in this day and age it’s not enough to be able to rest on past laurels. In such a difficult investment climate a product is only as good as the profits it pulls in the here and now. So of course, we wanted to know more. Cue a deep dive into exactly what you can expect if you sign up to this financial research advisory service…

What do you get for your money with Fessler’s Flash Profits?

So, in short, Fessler’s Flash Profits is all about making a very decent income in the emerging tech, energy, and infrastructure sectors. And, most importantly, making those profits fast… It uses a very strategic proprietary system, created by Fessler himself (more about him in a mo), that allowed him to defy the analysts and create a true blueprint to financial freedom (he retired at 47 using this very same wealth building system). Fessler has nicknamed it his Million-Dollar Formula, and when you sign up to Fessler’s Flash Profits, it’s this very same system that will be bringing you the profit making investment advice.

The system works in the following manner:

  • Part 1 – Identifying companies with the most explosive profit potential: Sounds simple, huh? But in reality, this is crux of the program. In short, the formula eliminates every company with a market cap below $100 million, and every company over $1 billion. This means that you’re in the sweet spot of firms that are set to explode, but BEFORE they become a household name.
  • Part 2 – Finding companies that are ONLY going up: In other words, that are showing momentum. AND growth. We’re talking at least a 50% short term momentum run, with at least at 100% long term stock jump.
  • Part 3 – The ‘X Factor’: This part is crucial, because it’s about knowing the exact time to buy, and the exact time to sell… it’s based on a number of factors, including industry performance, market dominance, growth rates, and financial ratios.

And that’s it…! Short, sweet, and simple. And this cleverly created, long term proven formula has an unerring knack to churning out winners, time and time again… This is provided to you in a number of ways. These include 5 brand new opportunities as soon as you sign up to Fessler’s Flash Profits. You also receive:

  • The 5 Trades to Start your $153,000 Journey: The ins and outs on these 5 specific companies that will start you on the road to your own personal fortune.
  • The Bi-Weekly emails: That keep you bang up to date on the newest opportunities that’ve hit the radar. You also get a regular stock play that’s expected to do exceptionally well, but allows you to invest money in a slightly more conservative manner.
  • The Flash Profits Options Guidebook: How to Supercharge Your Returns: A great read that’ll give you all the education you need to further your investing knowledge, and get started in the ‘scary’ world of option trading. Because be very sure about one thing – options are only frightening if you don’t know what you’re doing. And with Fessler’s Flash Profits, you can trade in the secure knowledge that you’re doing so on the back of truly expert advice…
  • Future Training Videos: As and when they become available.
  • Q&A Sessions: Covering the most pressing questions subscribers have
  • 24/7 Website Access: Strictly members only…
  • The Complete Flash Profits Model Portfolio
  • Full Archive Access: So you can explore all the research every provided.
  • A Guaranteed 2-3 Brand New Trades Per Month

Who the heck is David Fessler?

david fesslers flash profitsThe man behind the brilliance is David Fessler, the Oxford Club’s Energy and infrastructure Strategist. His background is certainly second to none, having been the VP of two successful tech businesses, LTX Corporation and Quality Telecommunications. He ‘retired’ at the tender age of 47, and since has used his expertise to research the very best opportunities in the energy, tech, and infrastructure sectors. He’s also the author of the brilliant book, The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, And Store Energy.

Suffice to say, when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of these three truly money making sectors, Fessler really is the man…

Who is Fessler’s Flash Profits for?

If you’re trying (and probably failing) to make the kind of profits you know are truly possible in the tech and energy industry, then membership of David Fessler’s Flash Profits really could be the catalyst that changes your fortunes. And the great thing is that it’ll massively reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your own research of such companies, plus bring about opportunities that only one as connected as Fessler could possible ever know about.

In short, if you’re looking for a research advisory that’s going to bring you the very best opportunities to make money in these sectors, then Fessler’s Flash Profits brings you money fast, and without tying up your cash for extended periods of time…

The Pros and Cons of Fessler’s Flash Profits

The Pros:

  • Utilizes a unique proprietary system that has proven time and time again to successfully target the very best stock plays in these tough to conquer sectors.
  • Can bring in uber-large profits in an extraordinarily short amount of time.
  • Only targets safe, low risk investing methods. Rest assured that you won’t be advised to target risky penny stocks or cryptocurrencies, and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with shorting stocks or similar.
  • You can get started with a very small investment – as low as $100 – so suitable for all.

The Cons:

  • Not so much a ‘con’, but you will have to approach such investing with an open mind. Because in all reality, the advice will be very, very different to what you can see in the mainstream media. But hey! The track record of Fessler’s Flash Profits speaks for itself – profit after profit, and a true wealth building income…

The bottom line

Wow….! We have to say that we’re truly impressed… Because if you honestly want to get in on the speculating ladder, then this is possibly one of the most accurate, profit building, advisory services that we’ve come across in a very long time.

Sure, it won’t be for everyone… But if this is the game you want a piece of, then you could do far worse than take the advice that you get with Fessler’s Flash Profits. We don’t often come across such a service that really does live up to its flashy advertising, but in this case it’s true. And it’s one that we’re very happy to put our good name behind. Awesome, simply awesome…

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