Energy Inner Circle Review – A Look At Dr Kent Moors Service

So Apparently, It’s All Now About Energy If You Want To Make Truly Big Returns On Your Investments. And, Of Course, This Advisory Research Service Will Show You Exactly Where And How… That Is, As Long As You Send Them Your Hard Earned Cash, Of Course…

energy inner circle reviewLet’s face it… Everywhere you turn right now there’s some ‘expert’ trying to flog you his or her ‘brand new’ advisory that’ll bring you amazing profits on your investments. You know, those telephone number figures that’ll change your life…!

Well… We’re pretty sure that you, like us, have heard it all before… Invest in tech! Invest in start-ups! Invest in blockchain…! And now, courtesy of Dr. Kent Moors and his team at Energy Inner Circle, Invest in energy…! Well excuse us Dr. Kent, but we’re going to take a little more convincing than a cleverly written sales letter…

But hey! The guy is, we have to admit, a genius (we’ll explain more about him in a mo), and yes, the planet is freewheeling towards an energy crisis. So our interest was piqued. And naturally, we had to find out more.

Below are the results of our deep dive into Energy Inner Circle. And if you’re considering signing up, then you NEED to read what we discovered. Because your money’s hard earned – so the last thing you need do is spend it on product that’s all bells and whistles, but doesn’t actually make you a dime in profits…

What do you get for your money with Energy Inner Circle?

OK, so the advertising behind Energy Inner Circle is all super-concentrated on a ‘new’ fuel known as LNG. Now, we’re not going to go into detail about this fuel, but suffice to say that it’s certainly making waves in the world of energy. And yes, you get a dossier included with your membership that has headline grabbing gains of 5,100%. Blah, blah, blah…

But what the product actually is, is a regular advisory service from a guy who’s, we have to admit, one of the world’s foremost figures on everything to do with energy. He’s forever travelling the globe, attending summits, advising governments, and – of course – finding the very companies in which the savvy investor should be placing their stake. And this Intel is provided to the members of the Energy Inner Circle.

The service breaks down like this:

  • The Dark Files Communiqués: Now, despite the cloak and dagger name, these ‘Dark Files’ are literally your regular weekly newsletter. However, this is somewhat different from any other advisory, because it’s a complete rundown of the global energy markets from a guy who’s truly an inner-circle member.
  • This is the very same information that Moors sends to his highly private network of Ministers, CEOs, Sheiks, Princes, etc… Inside you’ll receive the exact information you need to know what trades to make, and when, and this includes clever (virtually secret) deals that mean you can make triple-digit wins on oil, without buying a single drop of the stuff! Right now, as things stand, there are 36 open trade winners that member’s of Energy Inner Circle members can take advantage of, for a total of 1,224% gains!
  • Energy Live! Broadcasts: Recorded live, as Moors travels the world meeting with the top player. You’ll get a front row seat into the ‘real’ world of energy, and be able to see international deals and action taking place in front of your very eyes. Yes, this is a unique way for folks like you and us to actually get a glimpse inside the inner workings of billion-dollar energy negotiation.
  • The Monthly Roundtable: Where Moors will give you the bare bones of the latest developments within the energy industry – from the insider’s perspective. This is a no frills, inside discussion where you’ll get the latest Intel into where you should be investing your money – right now!
  • The Off-The-Record Recommendations: Being as interconnected as Moors is with the global energy playing field, he naturally stumbles across opportunities that have the potential to be exponentially exceptional! So exceptional, in fact, and offering such staggering potential for the savvy investor, he doesn’t send out an immediate alert to his followers. But for Energy Inner Circle members, you’ll be privy to the information just as soon as he finds out about them…
  • Energy Inner Circle Monthly Summits: A conference style meeting that includes all the members of Energy Inner Circle that spark new ideas, share information, and insights – but only for the hallowed members of the Inner Circles.
  • The Dossier: Ride the On-Demand LNG Bonanza: This provides in-depth detail about the small company that’s poised to have an explosive price surge. You’ll discover everything about this type of fuel, and why should invest in this company, along with a complete analysis of exactly why you should do so.

Who is Energy Inner Circle for?

OK, so Energy Inner Circle certainly won’t be for everyone. Because, naturally, some of the recommendations come with a fairly high amount of risk. But if you want to make big profits, then the associated risks are naturally slightly more pronounces. But hey – if you want ‘safe’, then stick to the miserable 2 or 3% gains you get from the banks (And as you know, even the banks aren’t truly safe anymore, are they…?).

But seriously… If you’re the kind of person who knows that risk can be moderated with the right information, AND you understand that only those who’re truly at the heart of such an industry as energy can lower that risk, then you’re likely to be very interested in Energy Inner Circle. If you’re fed up with not making the kind of gains on your investments that you know are truly possible…? Well, signing up to Energy Inner Circle could well see your fortunes making that much-longed-for change for the better…

Who the heck is Dr. Kent Moors?

kent moors energy inner circleSo… Dr Kent Moors is the brains behind Energy Inner Circle – and if you’re into investing in any way whatsoever, then his name might seem familiar. This is because this Exec Chairman of the Energy Capital Research Group is a regular on many of the top financial networks. You know, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, those kinda things…

And when it comes to energy, there is no-one better than this guy. He’s the energy advisor to no less than 29 world governments, (from the US to China to Kazakhstan), he’s on first name terms with the CEOs of pretty much every major energy company on the planet, and if that’s not enough, he’s advised every single major agency of the federal government on energy issues. It’s safe to say, this guy certainly known what he’s talking about…

The Pros and Cons of Energy Inner Circle

The Pros

  • This is a highly prestigious research advisory service for an elite group of members. It offers a unique, expert view on the complete global energy industry unlike anything else on the market.
  • The potential for gains is truly explosive.
  • This is ‘finger on the pulse’ type investing. Because the energy industry moves fast, you too need to be able to. Whenever you need to buy or sell as an urgent action, you’ll receive an alert to tell you the exact steps you need to take. This makes for virtual daily opportunities to make big money.
  • Comes with a great money back guarantee that if you don’t get AT LEAST 9 chances to double your money over the next 12 months, you’ll get every single cent of your purchase price returned.

The Cons

  • Well, the offer is only open to the first 250 people who apply. So if you’re wavering as to whether or not to sign up, just be aware that if you wait, the opportunity may well have passed you by forever. Because once in, it’s virtually unheard of for people to leave the ‘Inner Circle’.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say… Even for hardened cynics like us, the lure of Energy Inner Circle is almost too much to take. Because at last this is something different… At last this is a truly specialized advisory service from a real expert. And when we say, ‘expert’, Dr. Moors is one of the world’s first and foremost – just do some digging if you don’t believe us…

Energy is a contentious point right now – and is set to continue to be for a long, long time. And when you get that, the chances to make some potentially life changing profits really arrive. You just need to be in the right place to take the right action. And Energy Inner Circle places you exactly where you need to be. In a single word – awesome! Simply awesome…

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