Contract Income Alert Review – How’s Zach Scheidt’s Service?

So, Apparently, There’s A Little Known Technique That Allows You To ‘Lock In’ Thousands Of Dollars Of Guaranteed Income, Without Ever Touching Or Buying A Stock…! And So Bringing Your Risk Levels Down To A Virtual Zero… Wow! Now Doesn’t That Just Sound Too Good To Be True…?

contract income alert reviewAnd as the savvy amongst you out there will know all too well – when something appears too good to be true, then it usually is… So when we came across Contract Income Alert, an advisory that’s promising this very investment method, then we have to say, we were mighty, mighty cynical.

However… The one saving grace is that Contract Income Alert comes from a name that we do have some time for; Agora Financial. And although our ‘scam’ radar was a-wailing, this meant that we simply had to find out more.

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If you’ve been drawn in by the big figure advertising, then can we please (please!) ask that you just give us a couple of minutes of your time to read what we found out in our product deep dive. Because, let’s face it… Your cash is hard earned. And the last thing you want to be doing is frittering it away on a product that’s worse than useless…

What do you get for your money with Contract Income Alert?

OK, so Contract Income Alert is based on a little known method of investing known as ‘Alpha Contracts’. What these do is take away the risk of stock market crashes, or a company’s downfall, and provide you with a method of very real income, without every owning a single stock of the company you buy into. Now, we’ll explain this in a little more detail in a mo. But first, let’s take a look at what you actually get when you sign up to Contract Income Alert.

  • The monthly Contract Income Alert Intel: This is the crux of the product, and is basically a short document that sets out exactly what you need do to make your play. All you need do is follow the simple steps. These are; the name of the company recommended, and the Alpha contract number you’ll need to send to your broker. In addition, this monthly letter will tell you the exact amount of money you’ll be ‘locking in’, and the precise figure that you will then be guaranteed, and legally entitled, to receive.
  • The Alpha Contracts Master Class: Because, hey! You need to know what you’re investing in, don’t you? This groundbreaking seven-video series by Zach Scheidt will explain in wonderfully easy to understand detail exactly what you need to do to start collecting checks worth thousands of dollars on a regular basis.
  • Alpha Contracts: The Insider’s Guide to a 6-Figure Income: This is literally your bible when it comes to both understanding the concept behind Alpha Contracts, and knowing which to buy into for a truly incredible, virtually no-risk, income.
  • Continuing Alpha Contracts Education: This is super important. Because if you’re anything like us, then you’ll want to learn more, and understand exactly what you’re going to be looking for in your next play. Not to mention the full inside story on the next opportunity and company that you’re about to make thousands from…

So what exactly are Alpha Contracts?

zachary scheidt contract income alertWe have to

say, Alpha Contracts is perhaps the best-kept secret in the financial world. And up until recently, the only people who ever knew about this hush-hush method of investing are those such as President Trump, Warren Buffet, and Marti Whitman. In other words, those who already have the billions they need and can buy the very best trading advice there is.

Put it this way… Wall Street brokers are simply never going to give this Intel to regular investors like you and us. And that’s for the simple reason that they make ton of cash handing Alpha Contracts to the uber-rich and major institutions. And Alpha Contracts came about by the incredible brain of one Zach Scheidt. Google him – and you’ll discover that this guy really has ‘done it all’ when it comes to the world of finance.  He’s brought to light a method that offers only the most profitable type of opportunity, with a strictly limited risk.

Who is Contract Income Alert for?

Well, it’s safe to say that Contract Income Alert is NOT for those who can’t think outside the box. It’s NOT for anyone who’s not open to new ideas. And it’s NOT for those who simply want to follow the crowd. But who it IS for, is those who’re open minded enough to realize that yes, of course there’s ‘other’ methods of profiting from the stock market… And of course the rich and wealthy don’t want their secrets shared… And of course, the rich corporations are going to have other, hidden, methods of making their fortunes that us mere mortals don’t have a clue about…

If your identify with the latter, plus you’re keen to make thousands of dollars of profits in a virtually risk free, guaranteed, and totally legal manner, not to mention only having to spend a few minutes effort doing so each week, then you and Contract Income Alert are truly a match made in heaven…

The Pros and Cons of Contract Income Alert

The Pros

  • With this little known method of investing, you never have to worry about a stock market crash again.
  • 40 times better than dividends, offering thousands of dollars back, instead of the paltry hundreds you might get on a $40K investment.
  • Does away with the ‘buy and hold’ approach to investing. Instead, the profits come in fast and furious, with no need to tie your money up for months, years, or decades.
  • Takes virtually no time whatsoever to carry out. Thanks to the step-by-step instruction, you’ll need about seven minutes per week to make your trades. (Yes, you read that right, a measly 7 minutes, per week!).

The Cons

  • Well, apart from having to put aside any initial cynicism, the biggest ‘con’ is that there are only 1,000 places available for Contract Income Alert. So if you’re wavering even the slightest little bit, then be aware that your hesitation could well mean that when you come to sign up, then your chance has passed you by. Forever…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, when we first came across Contract Income Alert, we weren’t even that sure if we were going to even review it! Because the claims? Well, they just seemed too ‘out there’ to be genuine.  Oh – and we haven’t even told you that you also get a free HP Chromebook when you sign up – that’s another added bonus.

But that aside, we have to say that we’re so very glad we did get down and dirty with Contract Income Alert. Because it might well be our best discovery of the year so far – and boy does it offer a pure and simple way to make real investment money. This isn’t simply an advisory service, oh no… It’s membership to an exclusive inner circle of folk who’re quietly drawing in life changing amounts of money; safely, legally, and virtually risk free. Contract Income Alert gives you the opportunity to join them. But you need to hurry – those places certainly won’t hang around for long…

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