Pip Cloner Review – Is It Any Good?

A Radical New Method Of Successfully Trading FOREX Without Learning A New System Or Risking A Robot Destroying Your Account…  A Genuine Product, Or Just More Of The Same Old, Same Old…?

So, Pip Cloner is pitching itself as a way to make crazy profits without having to rely on robots, signal services of complicated systems.  All sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Pipcloner

And we don’t know about you, but we’re getting a bit long in the tooth to believe all the marketing hype that yet another ‘expert’ trader says will make you your millions.  But, in the spirit of goodwill, we decided to take a no-holds-barred look at what Pip Cloner really does offer, and whether it’s the real deal or simply another money-making creation for its wily creator.

And what we discovered may very well surprise you…

What do you get for your money with Pip Cloner?

Okay, so what Pip Cloner ISN’T, is a robot – although it does look like one on first viewing.  It works on autopilot, but what it does is trade the market like a professional live trader.  It’s not a signal service, and it’s not a coaching program.  What it is, is a fully automated ‘cloning software’ program that sends profitable trades to your computer, trades that its creator, Steven Roberts, makes himself – in real-time!  By cloning what he does, he helps traders the world over make money trading FOREX, without having to deal with the legal stuff and rules that the professional trader needs to be fully aware of to be successful.

What Pip Cloner does includes the following:

  • Lose the necessity to sit by your trade station – you know, where you’re waiting for signals to appear.  Or even, as is very likely, beating yourself up because you took some time off (bathroom break, work, make dinner, spend time with the family… that sort of thing), and thus missed out on some truly profitable trades.
  • Forget relying on robots that make costly mistakes – the problem with successful FOREX trading is that it’s a dynamic situation.  But a robot is anything but dynamic, and works on pre-programmed rules.  This means that at any moment in time, a robot can become outdated – a dinosaur – placing trades that no longer have any meaning in today’s market.  In other words, they can LOSE YOU MONEY!
  • No more emotional trades – because let’s face it, all amateur traders (and some pros) are swayed by their emotions.  And these are, more often than not, detrimental to FOREX trading.  By letting Pip Cloner take this out of the equation, your chances of making genuine and sustained profits immediately head up into the stratosphere.
  • Profit from FOREX with little or no effort on your behalf – there’s no need for you to get your head around time frames, entry signals, stop-loss rations, currency pairs or the other bucket-load of information that professional traders have learned over the years.  In other worlds, Pip Cloner literally becomes your guiding light, freeing you up to do other (more pressing) things with your life.
  • Make money from FOREX even when your computer is switched off – yes, really.  And Pip Cloner shows you exactly how to do this and how to set it up.

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Who is Pip Cloner for?

One of the best things about Pip Cloner is that it’s completely suitable for any level of FOREX trader.  It matters not whether you’ve a few months or years under your belt, or if you’ve never made a trade in your life.  You don’t need a huge stash of available cash to commence your journey, nor do you need to give up hours and hours every week to focus on trading.

Whether you’re a complete rookie or simply a FOREX trader who’s sick of all the BS that’s out there, Pip Cloner is a program like you’ve never seen before.

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Who is Steven Roberts?

pip clonerMr. Roberts is a professional FOREX trader, and has been for many years.  Since the early 1990s he‘s managed in excess of $400 million trading FOREX both personally and for clients.  He’s successfully traded through boom and bust periods, and has as much – if not more – experience than any other highly successful FOREX trader around today.

He makes an average of 30-50% returns on his investments every single month!  And that sure is a pretty impressive income.  One thing he’s not, and is very proud to tell, is that he’s not a trading coach.  In addition, he’s not a marketer who hired someone to create him a robot.  In a nutshell, Steven is a proven, very talented trader who’s sick and tired of seeing system after system, training course after training course, and robot after robot advertised and sold to FOREX traders around the world.

Quite refreshing, really…

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The Pros and Cons of Pip Cloner

The Pros

  • Pip Cloner takes the technical aspect out of FOREX trading.  This means that even the most novice of traders can commence, and have an extremely high probability of making substantial profits right from day one!
  • Pip Cloner can make you 50 to 100 pips per day, and one of the best things is that you know you’re trading in exactly the same method as a top professional trader.
  • You don’t need a huge amount of capital to start.  With Pip Cloner you can start with as little as $500, and still expect to make dramatic profits.
  • You don’t have to pay the fees that typical signal services charge – which amount to around $200 a month in most cases.
  • It comes with an iron clad, 56 day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Cons

  • Well, no FOREX trading is ever a 100% certainty, so you should never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.  However, what Pip Cloner does is significantly lower that risk.  And by significantly, we mean this it provides users with probably the best ever chance they’ll have of guaranteeing themselves with a sustainable (and sometimes incredibly profitable) income from trading FOREX.

The Bottom Line

Well, considering our huge doubts when we first became aware of Pip Cloner, we have to say that we were pleasantly surprised with what we found.  This is a great tool for anyone who wants to a) cut down the amount of time they need devote to their FOREX trading efforts and b) increase the likelihood of making real and sustained profits.

No one can deny that Steven Roberts certainly knows his stuff, and this is a fabulous product that allows you to mimic his exact trading expertise.  We’re pretty sure that Mr. Roberts is going to have a whole bunch of satisfied Pip Cloner customers the world over.  Well done, Steven…

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