NASDAQ Titans Review – Is It Really Good?

Really!  A Way Of ‘Unlocking One Of The Most Potent Financial Market Secrets Ever Invented!’  With Returns On Average Of 129.8%!  Do These Guys Honestly Think We Believe These Kind Of Figures…?

Word up, people!  We, as much as anyone out there, want to discover the way to make our investments grow as best they can.  But when we came across the NASDAQ Titans Trading System that promises an income potential that can only be described as outlandish, then we have to say, our cynical siren started wailing at full volume.

But never let it be said that we pass an opinion without getting the full lowdown on a new product.  So the only thing we could do was to get stuck right in with what Todd Mitchell’s new program regarding the ‘Forbidden Number Pattern’ was really all about.  It was pretty damn interesting, that’s for sure – and not necessarily in the way that you’d imagine.

Read on to discover exactly what we found out.  We think you’ll find it mighty intesting…

What do you get for your money with NASDAQ Titans?

OK, so NASDAQ Titans is a two-fold product.  Firstly, it’s a training course that shows you exactly how you can take full advantage of an investment weapon that has tapped into three NASDAQ Titans trades that have been proven (since the 1990’s) to provide incredible returns.  It’s a numbers pattern (hence the expression, ‘Forbidden Numbers Pattern’), as well as a trading group with bi-weekly trade signals.

So, when you buy into membership of NASDAQ Titans, what you’re actually getting is the following:

  • The Bi-Weekly Trade Signals: So, once a fortnight you get an email that shows you in fine detail which NASDAQ stocks you need to rotate into for the next 2 weeks.  The whole idea is that you tie up your stake for 10-14 days in blue chip companies such as Expedia, Ebay, American Airlines, and Baidu, and then cash in with profits of anything up to 129.8%.
  • Daily Coaching: Roger, creator of the system, The Hidden Quant, which is exactly what NASDAQ Titans trading is all about, writes up fresh market analysis every single day.  And this information is emailed directly to you on a daily basis.  The guy spends around 3-4 hours every day researching this information – and he’s one of the world’s top hedge fund managers.  So as you can see, having this given to you is virtually like having your own personal hedge fund guru!
  • NASDAQ Titan Training Videos: Here you learn the secrets of how to use The Forbidden Numbers system, and to make it work for you.  This is a huge advantage, because as you become more experienced you can learn, on a regular basis, more and more to make your trading methods even more personal to you.
  • The Options Titan Video Tutorial: That allows you to get started with trading Options in 3 easy-to-follow stages.  You’ll learn (amongst other things) how to substitute stocks and ETFs with low risk call options, how to select the strike price that gives you the highest profit potential, and to understand sensitivity of price movement of the underlying stock.
  • The NASDAQ Titans Strategy & Performance Review: Dating back to 2010.  Yes – this includes every trade ever made using the NASDAQ Titan strategy.
  • The NASDAQ Titans Performance Spreadsheet: Allowing you to fill in as you trade, and meaning you can easily track your own individual trading performance using the system.

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Who is NASDAQ Titans for?

What we really like is that NASDAQ Titans is suitable for all levels of trader, from those starting out on the road, through to the more experienced trader.  This is made possible thanks to the truly educational part of the system.  The more accomplished you become, the more you’re going to want to put your own stamp on using The Forbidden Numbers technique.  And thanks to the ongoing learning in the private member’s section, it really is possible to do just that.

So who the heck is behind the system?

OK, so the guy behind NASDAQ Titans is Todd Mitchell (we mentioned his name earlier).  He’s the CEO and founder of Trading Concepts, a company that exists to help those who want to trade (and trade successfully), utilizing the expertise of some of the brainiest traders ever to have existed.  He’s a pretty damn successful trader himself, and he’s put his multi-year’s worth of knowledge into creating systems that help other people also make proper decent returns on their stake, even if your trading knowledge is not that extensive! 

He also understands that the regular guy doesn’t have limitless hours per week to spend working out or even understanding his (or her) trade deals.  So he puts together products such as NASDAQ Titans that allow the user to take full advantage of some of the most powerful trading methods ever created – and reap those much sought after just rewards.

The Pros and Cons of NASDAQ Titans

The Pros

  • It’s not necessary to tie up your money for a long period of time. With NASDAQ Titans the whole idea is that you cash in every two weeks, meaning that your funds are pretty much liquid 100% of the time.
  • One of the best things is that for more advanced traders, the training videos allow you to learn the strategy in minute detail. Yes, it can be a bit technical, but as your knowledge grows so does your understanding of the technicalities.  But, and this is the great thing, you don’t actually need to understand the ins and out to be able to trade The Forbidden Numbers.  You can take on more education as and when you’re ready.
  • You don’t have to spend hours every week deciding what and when to trade. All that hard work is done for you.  And when you follow The Forbidden Numbers system, then you know you’re using one of the most researched and proven trading methods on the planet.
  • NASDAQ Titans comes with an amazing guarantee. Forget the wishy washy ‘get your money back if you’re not happy’ promise.  With this product, if you fail to Beat S&P 500 or Double Up in the first year, you’ll get a second year of NASDAQ Titans membership absolutely free!

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The Cons

  • OK, let’s get back to basics here. Trading – any trading – comes with risks.  And as we all know, you should never trade more money than you can afford to lose.  (But you know that anyway.  So here endeth the preaching…).  But the important thing to understand is that what you need to do is to lower that risk as much as is humanly possible.  And that’s exactly what membership of the NASDAQ Titans program does.  It allows you to trade at low risk in a proven strategy that has seen incredible returns for those who’ve used it – for decades!

The Bottom Line

Listen – we thought we were going to be able to pull the NASDAQ Titans program to pieces.  And believe us, we tried…  But when we need to admit defeat, then we’re man enough to do so.  Because this system works – and then some!  We love that you don’t have to tie money up for an extended period of time.  We love that you’ll reap your profits every 10-14 days.  And we also love the fact that you can trade quickly and easily, without giving up half your waking life pouring over charts and spreadsheets to do so.

In a nutshell, NASDAQ Titans is going to make some people rich – and that could be VERY rich.  In a world of products that make outlandish promises about how much money it’s possible to make trading, this one honestly does live up to every single one of them.  In a word – awesome!

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