Forex Target Trading Review – Is Scott Barkley’s Program Good?

Not Another ‘Guaranteed’ Method Of Trading Forex That’s Sure To Make You Rich…!  So, Is This One Any Different From Everything We’ve Already Seen?

Well, we don’t know about you, but every time we see a new ‘super duper’ Forex trading method hit the market our heart sinks just a little bit.  So, is Forex Target Trading really offering anything new, or is it just another way of transferring your hard earned dollars into the account of its creator? Cue a down and dirty investigation into this mentorship program, and discover whether it really is what you need – or just another way to fritter away your cash. Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Forex Target Trading?

Okay, so as we’ve already said, Forex Target Trading is a mentorship program that promises to ‘show you the path to success…’ What it’s all about is not trading just a single market, such as the new York Session, but, to steal their marketing spiel, trading profitably – period!  It claims to be able to show you how to fast track your way to seriously profitable trading, and being able to make several hundred pips per week within a few month of commencing the training. The program includes the following:

  • A three day intensive training workshop:  Online (and recorded so you can take part as many times as you want), that shows you the skills you need to become a target trader.
  • Weekly workshops:  Over the course of a year to take you to a much more advanced level
  • A full year of trading room sessions with the creators:  This means you get a whole year of trading every single New York Session with [wplapdance name=”ForexTargetTrading”] Scott Barkley, the programs creator.
  • Access to the private analysis room:  Where, before every NY trading session you can have a 30 minute private session with the man himself, along with other Forex Target Trading members.
  • Custom analysis software:  This is designed to give members of the program a massive leg up when trading, due to its power and accuracy.
  • Once a month live session trading the Asian session:  A ridiculously profitable way to gain even more profits thanks to the lessons you’ve learned trading the NY session.

And lots more, including videos, a member’s portal, recordings, tutorials…. The list goes on.

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Who is Forex Target Trading for?

Well, if you’ve been trading for a while and have not yet seen the results you know you deserve, then Forex Target Trading could be exactly what you’re looking for.  And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a few years experience under your belt, or if you’re a complete newbie, because this course is targeted to teach at all levels.  You learn the basics and then move forward onto the more advanced techniques. Whether you only have a few hours per week to commit, or have aspirations of giving up your J.O.B and becoming a full time trader, Forex Target Trading certainly ticks all the boxes.

Who wrote Forex Target Trading?

This mentorship program has been created by a small group of extremely successful traders who’ve so far stayed under the radar….  Until now.  But their incredible (and profitable) success has seen them decide to show others how they too can make the same kind of profits they do.  And so Forex Target Trading was born. Not only do you get to follow exactly how these guys make their money, but you learn exactly the methods and strategies they use – right up to advanced level.  And, rightly so, they say that this can’t be learned in a week or so, but that it takes some commitment, and up to a year to fully understand and become proficient.  Now that’s certainly something that you don’t see with most so called ‘guaranteed’ Forex trading educational programs, and is the one thing that made us sit up and take notice of these guys.

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The Pros and Cons of Forex Target Trading

The Pros

  • Forex Target Trading is easy to learn – and fast.  It honestly will show you the methods you need to get the biggest profits and largest odds of success in what is, as many people know to their cost, a difficult place to truly make money.
  • This mentorship program does nor rely on luck or having the correct indicators.  It’s a unique strategy that depends on both the skill of mathematics as well as clever strategies that really do give that much needed edge to your trading.
  • You not only learn how to trade, but WHY you should trade in this manner.  And knowledge is vital when it comes to making very real, sustainable profits trading Forex.
  • This isn’t some scam program that gives you a load of flannel about money back if not satisfied.  Completely the opposite, this is a mentorship product that only wants those who are dedicated enough to get down with the program, roll up their sleeves and get dirty with it…

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The Cons

  • Well, probably the only ‘con’ will be if you’re not dedicated enough to believe in yourself and your ability to learn – truly learn – how to trade the market once and for all.  And for real profit…

The Bottom Line

Now, we don’t often say this.  But THANK THE LORD for something different…  And by different, we mean good different.  Because we can honestly say that Forex Target Trading is probably the most innovate product to hit the educational market for a long, long time.  It’s a breath of fresh air, and we think that those who enroll on this program will thank their lucky stars that they took that leap of faith and did so. In short, and just in case you didn’t quite get how much we liked it…   Forex Target Trading is the mutt’s nuts….  Thank you so much guys, you’re sure gonna have one hell of a lot of happy scholars…!

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