Forex Edge Model Review – Is Daniel Walker’s Program Really Good?

UPDATE: Forex Edge Model is No Longer Available.  We Recommend This Forex Program, click here.

Oh Goody!!!  Yet Another Forex Program With A ‘High Probability Trading System.’  And This One Claims It Provides You With The Means To Give Up Your Day Job.  Yeah, Right…!

Forex Edge ModelSo, the thing is when it comes to trading (and trading anything, not just Forex), is that we’re all looking for that ‘super system’ that really can allow us to make a full time – and substantial – income.  And the just released, Forex Edge Model, by Daniel Walker is promising that it can do just that.

But hold on for just one minute.  Because if you’re anything like us, then you’ve seen these crazy promises a million and one times in the past.  But never let it be said that we assume anything about a product before we’ve given it a real chance to impress us (or the opposite)…  So there was nothing else for us to do but to get down and dirty with Forex Edge Model – the system that’s promising it can ‘make you money quickly and consistently and replace your day job…’

Let’s see, huh!  Below is exactly what we found out.  And we must say, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Forex Edge Model?

So, the advertising blurb for Forex Edge Model is certainly fairly hard sell.  It witters on about how you’ve probably lost money trading, or barely broke even, and that you’ve likely bought many different trading systems before.  And then it goes on to tell you that, naturally, this system is completely different to what you’ve seen and tried in the past.

What it’s based on is the personal experience of its creator – a complete trading system that he’s used (and uses right now, in the current markets), to trade Forex.  It uses advanced Forex trading methods to give you ‘the edge’ over the markets.  And the Forex Edge Model is a full training course where Mr. Walker takes you under his wing, and literally teaches you the ins and outs of the system.

It’s provided to you in DVD format, and breaks down like this:

  • DVD 1 – Intro & the Basics:  Now, this is where those of you who’re new to Forex trading will learn all the essentials.  Such as exactly what the Forex market is, who trades it, what brokers are, about trading sessions and currency pairs – you get the picture.
  • DVD 2 – Core Strategy Overview:  Now we get into the nitty gritty of the system, and learn all the core concepts and trading methodologies that make up the Forex Edge Model System.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about trends, multi time frame trading, trade exits and different trading styles.  You’ll also go in depth into trading psychology and risk management – a vital component of successful trading.
  • DVD 3 – Trading the Edge:  And now you start to lean the actual Forex Edge Model System.  Here you get to understand about TrendEntry and TrendEdge indicators that work like no other indicators you’ve ever seen before.  You’ll become proficient in Long Entry Rules, Short Entry Rules, Risk to Reward Scenarios and much, much more…
  • DVD 4 – Advanced Trading Tactics:  Does exactly as it suggests in the title…  This is where you learn seriously powerful tactics that other training courses fail to cover.  And it’s this that makes the system so damn effective, and honestly will give you the edge in your trading that you’ve been searching for.

You also get a Quick Start Guide, free access to the private members area, system updates, webinars and loads, loads more.  Far too much to cover in this short review.

Who is Forex Edge Model for?

Forex Edge Model ReviewWell, if you truly want to learn a system that will make you money trading the Forex markets, then Forex Edge Model could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.  And it matters not whether you’re a complete novice or a tired and down trodden old-timer who’s sick of losing money or just scraping a meager profit once in a while.  Male or female, young or old, experienced or rookie, this little baby really does work for all.

If you’re fed up of all the BS ‘systems’ and ‘training course’ that are out there, then if you only ever try one more out, make sure that it’s the Forex Edge Model – because it might just be the innovative product you’ve been searching for.

Who is Daniel Walker?

Mr. Walker has his own sob story to tell (and he does), but that’s really by the by.  Because the crux of it is, he’s just a regular guy – exactly the same as you and me.  He learned the hard way that trading Forex, whilst the top 5% of traders make a mint, the rest are luck if they scrape a profit here and there.  But rather than give up, Daniel decided that there must be a way that he could learn to get the edge that these top 5% of traders obviously have.  A little bit of luck helped him along this path, because he happened to have a chance meeting with a guy who seriously knew how to play the Forex game.

But that doesn’t detract from the many hours, weeks, months and years Mr. Walker has spent honing his system.  And, to prove just how successful it is, he’s taught it to literally hundreds of others traders who now use it to bring themselves substantial and regular profits.  And it’s this very system that is the Forex Edge Model, and honestly allows traders to make enough profits to quit their day job, and earn those profits that they know they truly deserve.

The Pros and Cons of Forex Edge Model

The Pros

  • Forex Edge Model is truly a simple system.  In fact, it’s simple enough that it’s possible for a rookie to follow it just as easily as someone who’s been trading for years.
  • One of this biggest plus points is that you learn to trade ‘without anxiety and emotion’ blighting your decisions.
  • The training course is provided in easy (and fun) to follow, step-by-step instructions that make learning an absolute breeze.
  • This is a training course that goes not just one step further than most, but a whole damn football field further.  It doesn’t simply give you the basics, and then some half-assed cobblers about so-called system.  What this little baby does is actually give you the secrets that are genuinely behind the way to make substantial profits.  This is a training course that uses it’s advance system to turn you into a truly independent trader – and one that make those genuine profits that most people spend a life time chasing (and failing) to achieve.

The Cons

  • 60 day money back guaranteeWell, the only con is that there are only 700 places on the Forex Edge Model training course.  This may seem like part of the hard sell of the system, but actually, it makes sense.  Because how can anyone – no matter how many people you have helping you – honestly teach and infinite amount of people.

 The Bottom Line

Well, well, well…  We have to admit that when we first came across the Forex Edge Model, we were convinced that it was just going to be another re-hash of everything we’ve ever seen before.  But we’re not averse to holding up our hands and admitting when we’re wrong – and wrong we were…

Because the Forex Edge Model is honestly different.  It really does provide you, not only with a unique system that actually works, but it teaches you advanced strategy methods that pretty much every other online course we’ve seen fails to cover.  But the great thing about it is that you don’t even need to take our word for it.  Because the Forex Edge Model comes with a 60 day, no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. A pretty good guarantee, don’t you think, and makes giving this baby a try a bit of a no-brainer, in our humble opinion…  Well done, Mr. Walker!

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