Ready To Claim Your Freedom Checks Now?

Today you have the rare opportunity to position yourself ahead of the biggest cash grab in U.S. history. A massive $34.6 billion payout is expected and it could hand out huge Freedom Checks to 1000’s of Americans. And the best part is, any American taxpayer can claim these checks.

Depending on your position size, these checks can be as high as $24,075! Anyone – regardless of age, income or net worth – can start collecting these Freedom checks. But you must be positioned no later than April 1st.

Click below to watch Matt Badiali’s presentation now.

Doug Smith, a 46-year-old from Joplin, Missouri, for example. He’s signed up for his Freedom Checks and next month he’ll get a check for $24,075.

Lisa Luhrman, a 57-year-old in Tulsa, Oklahoma is cashing in an even bigger check for $66,570.

And Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado, is set to get a massive check for $160,923.

Now of course, what you get depends on how much you’re willing to invest – but the potential here is clear.

It’s no wonder Reuters says that these “Freedom Checks” are “delivering a windfall” and that Seeking Alpha calls this private program a “hidden gem.”

Here’s the great news … in a new video presentation, financial expert Matt Badiali reveals how anyone – regardless of age, income or net worth – can start collecting these checks, and why they must be positioned no later than next month.

This is the kind of investment that can strengthen your retirement income without having to rely on the government.

So Are Freedom Checks A Hoax or The Real Thing?

Fact: The Internet is filled with unsolicited offers promising you ridiculous sums of money, which require almost no work on your part.

From binary options trading to pyramid schemes peddled by multi-level marketing organizations and other similar “get rich quick” schemes… and it seems a chunk of the Internet is staunchly devoted in ensuring you fall for these tricks.

As a result of this, people are often hesitant, for fear of being ripped off, to take advantage of genuine investments when they’re discovered.

Unfortunately, that means the next round of “Freedom Checks” will be bypassing millions of Americans who won’t be taking advantage of this opportunity.

Not to worry though, courtesy of a well respected geologist, you too can start receiving payments, either monthly or quarterly, by means of freedom checks.

And the story begins right at the heart of America’s quest for energy independence.

Before going into details about Freedom Checks, how to get ownership of your share and what not, let’s introduce to you the brain behind this unique discovery.

So Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt began studying the natural sciences over two decades ago and is considered somewhat of an expert in the energy, mining and agricultural sectors.

He spent some time at Duke University and University of North Carolina, where he taught geology to college students. His “hands on” approach means he was soon globe trotting. Moving from Singapore to Yukon, Iraq to the Mexican desert, Hong Kong, and then to Papua New Guinea.

It’s no wonder he calls outstanding mining CEOs his close friends, has spent time with the legendary Oilman T. Boone Pickens and has had hundreds of thousands of Americans turn to him throughout his career for research purposes.

Matt has become even more prominent lately after a video he released on freedom checks went viral.

In the clip, Matt explained how an investment can be intricately tied to America’s ambitious goal of reaching complete energy independence.  If you haven’t seen the video presentation, or you want to learn more how to get your Freedom Checks, click here now.

This investment, termed “Freedom Checks” , comes from firms operating in the processing, storage, production and transportation of natural resources in the US. Though its primary focus is on the oil and gas sector.

Considering the substantial decrease in oil imported from Middle Eastern countries, plus a massive increase in the production of oil and gas here in the US, thanks fracking, firms in this sector are on track to generate hefty profits for several years to come. Hence they’ll be financially capable of paying out freedom checks worth $34.6 billion to astute investors in the following months.

Considering the firms paying out these freedom checks trade on the stock market, like any other company, their values are expected to appreciate drastically in the coming years, thanks to people’s expectations.

Matt says if history is right, some of these firms could show gains as high as 5,889%.. 8,839%.. and wait for it.. 39,832%.  Those are obviously mind boggling numbers.  So astonishing in fact, that some “scam alerts” have been issued targeting Matt Badiali along with his “Real Wealth Strategy” newsletter, a $49 product with stock recommendations for his avid readers.

Here’s the thing though.  It’s really NOT a scam.  All the firms issuing these Freedom Checks are collectively known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

And before qualifying as MLPs, these firms must pay out a minimum 90% of their income to their investors. It’s these pay outs that Matt refers to as Freedom Checks.  Right now, 568 companies make these monthly and quarterly distribution in a similar fashion to traditional stock distributions.  As a plus, since they’re not treated as income, but as return on capital, investors don’t have to pay taxes on them.

And if you want to sell your MLP investment, you get taxed with the low capital gains tax rate, not the much higher personal income tax rate, which is another plus.

Thankfully, buying MLP shares is just as easy as buying a traditional Microsoft share. And the earnings are also distributed in a similar fashion, by mail or your brokerage account.  It’s finding MLPs that has allowed Matt and his followers to make gains even during the economic downturn.

During the 2008 financial crisis, Matt bought a gold mining stock at $0.06 per share. Little over a year later, he had sold it for $2.64 per share. Making an astounding 4400% gain.

And it’s not a one time lucky guess. Since he started recommending stocks in his ” Real Wealth Strategist”, he’s referred stocks as high up as 34.78%, 39.04%, 51.96%.

Indeed, out of th 15 stocks he has referred, 12 of them have made an average gain of 18%. And even those down are showing -1.01%, -2.47%.  Obviously he’s not perfect. One of his referrals actually closed at a -16.15% loss.

If you’re interested in learning more about Matt’s newsletter or receiving free freedom checks, click here.